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3 brothers die after drinking sanitizer in MP: Side effects of consuming alcohol-based sanitizer

Desperate for alcohol, 3 brothers die after drinking sanitizer in MP (Representative Image)

According to the initial reports by the police, all three brothers were addicted to alcohol and this forced them to consume hand sanitizer.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : March 25, 2021 11:29 AM IST

In a shocking incident, three brothers in Bhopal allegedly died by consuming hand sanitizer. The deceased have identified as Parvat Ahirwar (55), Ram Prasad Ahirwar (50), and Bhura Ahirwar (47). "All the three brothers were addicted to alcohol," the police said.

The Deceased Had Consumed Five Litre Of Hand Sanitizer

Among the deceased Ram Prasad, who used to paint homes for a living, lived in Jahangirabad, while the other two brothers used to work as labourers in the same locality. Speaking about the incident to the media, the police said that there was complete prohibition at liquor shops on Sunday owing to COVID-19 restrictions and the three brothers could not arrange alcohol from anywhere.

They added that on Monday, the brothers brought a five-litre can of hand sanitizer and tried to satiate their craving for alcohol. The sanitizer contained alcohol so they thought it would give them a high but they died after drinking it.

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According to the police, Bhura and Parvat were found lying on the footpath. Bhura was rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead while Parvat died on the footpath. The body of the third brother Ram Prasad was found in a room in Jinsi area.

The Additional Superintendent of Police Rajesh Bhadoria has said that a case of death involving three brothers has come to light and a five-litre sanitizer has been recovered from them. "Initial investigations indicate they had died after drinking a hand sanitizer. The police are investigating the case," Bhadoria was quoted as saying.

'This Is Not The First Time...'

This is not the first case when a life was lost to sanitiser amid lockdown due to COVID-19 spread. Earlier, three people had died in state capital Bhopal by consuming sanitizer. In the Govindpura police station area, a minor had imbibed sanitizer along with his sister-in-law and another relative. All three died in the incident.

During the lockdown, at least 10 people from different corners of the country had died after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitiser. The country was witnessing a surge in coronavirus cases following which the government had announced a complete lockdown nationwide. "Some people who are heavily addicted to alcohol had been consuming hand sanitisers for the high," District police chief Siddharth Kaushal, Andhra Pradesh was quoted as saying.

Side Effects Of Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are not be consumed orally. They are being made to keep your hands germ-free. But, owing to the lockdown several cases of death after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer have come to light. Here are some of the side effects that you may notice.

1. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that is highly acidic and with a higher alcohol content than normal alcohols that are meant to be consumed.

2. Drinking hand sanitizer can actually burn your gastrointestinal tract.

3. The higher amount of acid in hand sanitizer can turn fatal for your stomach and lead to severe acid reflexes.

4. Drinking hand sanitizer can also burn your food pipe and thus damage it permanently.

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