21 sex tips for people with heart disease

21 sex tips for people with heart disease

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : April 22, 2015 4:48 PM IST

Sexual desires in people diagnosed with heart disease are no different from those of healthy individuals. So, whether you have recently suffered a heart attack or are still healing after a major heart surgery, don't shy away from some much needed fun between the sheets. If you still feel embarrassed to discuss your sex life after a heart health issue, here's a guide that answers all your questions related to having sex after being diagnosed with heart disease.

How heart problems can hamper your sex life

Many patients who suffer a heart attack or stroke fear that sex will worsen their condition or give rise to another heart health issue. While sex is an activity that requires good stamina and a healthy heart, it need not necessarily worsen your problem. Also, it in no way should stop you from maintaining a healthy intimacy level with your partner. The general belief that penetrative sex is all that there is to sex, is not only flawed but can hamper your sex life and in turn your relationship. While intercourse is the climax, outer-course (that involves pleasure derived by stimulating the erogenous zones of the body) could go a long way in maintaining a healthy sex life. Here are some ways you can enjoy the pleasures of sex, having an orgasm and intimacy even with a heart ailment.

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One of the best ways to get things going is to spend some time kissing, touching and exploring the erogenous zones of your partner. Things like kissing, cuddling, holding your partner and feeling each other can help get things started. Once you both are in the mood, here's how you can take things forward.

Kissing and caressing: Men should not forget that women love to be kissed and many a times are put off by men who are not good kissers. But, remember kissing doesn't only involve her lips. After passionately kissing her, move a bit lower and kiss her neck, a sensitive erogenous spot that can turn her on. You could even gradually move lower and gently kiss her breasts, tummy, her sides and back. All the moist and hot passion will definitely leave her aching for more. Women too, can pleasure their man with touch alone. Touching him in spots like his chest, back, inner thighs, neck and ears will definitely do the trick. You could also try kissing him all over, strategically hovering over the area between his legs. What's more a passionate kiss that leaves him feeling completely turned on and craving for more can do a lot of good.

Foreplay: Sex is a pleasurable experience and not a race to penetration or an orgasm. So, other sexual activities like touching, fondling, fingering, licking, gazing and nibbling form a part of foreplay and are as important as kissing and caressing equally important. It s a perfect way to make your partner go wild by stimulating the erogenous zones. This is a step further than kissing and caressing and you can make your woman orgasm at this point too. Women orgasm multiple time so don't worry, she will be ready for more. Stimulate her clitoris with your fingers, suck on her nipples, caress her body and make her feel completely turned on. This step is also very useful to make her vaginal well lubricated and you ready for the next step in sex. Ladies your man would like some foreplay too, so don't be shy to touch his penis, kiss and caress him while manually stimulating his manhood.

Mutual masturbation: This can be a part of foreplay and could be a way to have sex sans the exertion of penetrative sex, which can be tiring after heart disease. It is something that will give you and your partner all the pleasure you're seeking from each other but are unable to achieve it due to certain limitations during intercource. During this, you can stimulates her clitoris and vagina with your fingers while she simultaneously rubs your penis. You could insert a finger into her vagina too if you would like to make thing a little more fun. Women can perform oral sex on their man too. A good way to have you both orgasm while watching the other person feel pleasure is to use the 69 position. Another good way is to masturbate yourself as you watch your partner pleasure herself. All the moans and groans of pleasure are sure to help you climax even faster.

Use sex toys: You could add some spice to foreplay and mutual masturbation by using some sex toys to have a good time. There are different types of vibrators available for women to stimulate the clitoris and hit the G-spot for better orgasms. Some are even available with adjustable pleasure and pattern settings. You could also use a dildo to get her in the mood for the real thing. It will also help give her an orgasm she wont forget. But sex toys are not for women alone. Men can use vibrating penis rings for a rock hard erections or even the P-Spot Dildo for stimulating the nerve endings around the buttocks.

When it's time to move on to penetrative sex, some heart problems might limit your engagement in the sexual activity, depending on the type of heart problem you're suffering from. Let's consider each of the common heart problems individually.

Sex after a heart attack: If you have no other complication and you don't experience chest pain, otherwise, following an event of heart attack, you can resume having sex in a week. However, if activities like brisk walking triggers chest pain, then it is advisable that you wait for at least 6-8 weeks before having sex. In any case, it's better to get your doctor's clearance before resuming sex with your partner.

Sex positions and tips

  • Don't directly jump to the intercourse part of sexual activity. Go slow. Start with good foreplay and pre-intercourse love making to set the mood. Use the above ideas for a pleasurable experience
  • Avoid sex positions that involve acrobatics, a lot of physical exertion and a highly dominant role.
  • For men who've suffered a heart attack, a reverse missionary position with your partner on the top should be good to start with. Neither will it interfere with your breathing not exert you a lot physically. (Read:Top sex positions: Missionary)
  • You could also try the side-lying position or spooning position, where the penetration is achieved from behind. It offers comfort and involves a lot more intimacy to keep you engaged. (Read: Top sex positions: Spooning)
  • You could also lie on your side facing your partner to allow penetration from the front.
  • The clasp position, where you and your partner sit facing each other with legs clasped around each other's waist could be an all together different sexual experience without compromising comfort.
  • If you experience chest pain, breathlessness, stress, increase heart rate or palpitations slow down immediately.

Sex after heart surgery: If you have undergone a heart surgery (bypass, stenting or angioplasty) to restore the blood supply to your heart, you should get a stress test done before resuming sex life.

  • Again, a side-by-side position would be comfortable to avoid too much load on the chest.
  • In case you have had an open heart surgery done, the incisions would take longer to heal and may hurt during sex positions where the chest comes in contact with the partner, causing discomfort.
  • A better alternative would be to place a soft pillow in between your chest to minimise contact with the surgical site.
  • After a heart surgery, men should avoid relying on their arm strength during sex until the wound is healed as it might increase the pressure on the chest. A reverse missionary position would work better for you and your partner instead. Also positions that involve standing and penetrating her from the front while she is on the edge of the bed would keep your chest and arms from being involved.

Sex after congestive heart failure: A milder form of heart failure (class I- where usual physical activity does not cause fatigue or chest pain) should not restrict you from having sex. The risk of complications are greater if you have suffered heart failure of a severe or advanced forms (class II, III or IV), where slight physical activity results in fatigue and palpitations. Patients with advanced heart failure could suffer from irregular heart beat during intense sexual activity, which can even be life-threatening. Such individuals are strictly recommended to avoid active participation during sex, and should resort to more foreplay, mutual masturbation, oral sex and use of sex toys for a pleasurable sexual experience.

Sex positions you can try

  • Women who experience breathlessness or fatigue during sexual activity should try the 'semireclining' or 'on-bottom' position. For this position, lie on your back with legs crossed in the lotus position by bringing the knees closer to the chest. This will allow your partner to lie between your legs and penetrate deeply without loading his entire weight on your body. It will minimise physical exertion for you. You can also place a pillow under your hip to change the angle of penetration.
  • Men with heart failure require more participation from the partner and hence a woman-on-the-top position would serve the best. This position will require your partner to be far more control in movement and thrusting. (Read: Top sex positions: Woman on top)

Sex after stroke: With partial or total paralysis, stroke victims may feel uncomfortable about their body image and their sexual capacity and performance. While women who have suffered a stroke may take longer to be aroused due to loss of sensation and vaginal dryness, men could be unable to achieve better erections after an episode of stroke. But sex is not only about performance. So, let foreplay and use of sex toys dominate your sexual experience while intercourse could play a secondary role if you're comfortable doing so. For those who still would like to have penetrative sex, here are some positions and tips.

Sex positions and tips

  • Partner on top and a side-by side position could still give you the sexual pleasure you desire.
  • Avoid strenuous sex positions or the ones that require a lot of co-ordination.
  • If breathing becomes difficult, you could try the face to face position, sitting on a chair. It's better to try this position on a broad-based chair that's low enough to let you and your partner rest your feet on the floor.
  • Women should use lubricants to help avoid vaginal dryness before having sex.

Here are top sex positions you should try

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