100 striking nurses arrested in Bangalore

Around one hundred nurses were arrested in Bangalore on Wednesday as they tried to barricade the Bangalore Medical College demanding regularisation of their services, the police said. They were all members of the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Stipendiary Staff Nurses Welfare Association, who were on a relay fast at Bannappa Park for about a week, marched to the BMC raising slogans against the managements of four hospitals, police said. They were arrested when they tried to barge into the BMC, police said. The stipendiary nurses had been working for the past five to six years in the four hospitals coming under BMCRI on a monthly stipend of Rs 7,000. BMCRI has been demanding regularisation of their services for the last few years. Health View

This is the sort of apathy on part of our bureaucrats and leaders that leads to the anaemic healthcare scenario experienced throughout the country, particularly in government hospitals. Nurses and paramedics form a very important part of the services that hospitals dispatch and it's time the powers-that-be learn to recognise the efforts they put in.

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The usual logjams and babudom is already hurting healthcare services enough. Nurses and anyone else shouldn't have to protest, fast or do anything of that sort to get their due. While the president can say that it's a 'matter of faith' for the government to provide healthcare for all, it's pretty clear that's not going to happen while we continue to treat practitioners like scum. The problem with healthcare delivery in this country isn't the lack of resources but the lack of human power. While as many as 1.63 lakh doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners pass out each year, but they are mostly concentrated in urban centres. The ones that end up in the public sector are treated so badly they end up leaving for greener private pastures and that includes completely institutionalised organisations like the Armed Forces. The only way forward is properly regulate and pay for the service provided by all the medical practicioners. This is the reason, you and I, pay taxes!

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