10 feel-good movies that can help beat stress

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Movies for stress busterMovies have that exceptional power to whisk you away or in some cases to take you down memory lane. They can be mood-changers, stress busters and help create memories while you are watching them.

Here are 10 movies (Hindi and English) you can go back to, to laugh it off, cry it out (if that's what floats your boat!), fall in love all over again or simply be at the edge of your seat:

Hindi movies

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  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

A light movie that has its share of funny and not so funny moments; Farhan Akthar is the star, being the funny guy, Hritik Roshan gets in the philosophical bit and Abhay Deol ensures the plot is calm and maintains that balance. The rather whimsical friendship portrayed is something you can relate to and it's great to watch, pushing you to reminisce about your good old days.

  • Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwaani (2013)

It's a story you wished took place in your life especially if you end up having a partner like Ranbir Singh or a hot dentist girlfriend like Deepika Padukone. How Ranbir Singh takes over his life and turns it into an envious one, how the bunch of cocky friends reunite and make memories, how they emphasize on losing and eventually making it. It's a pleasant watch in spite of getting you teary eyed before your realise it.

  • Prem Aggan (1998)

Starring Fardeen Khan and Meghana Kothari, this movie should be watched with an intention to only laugh your guts out, if you haven't already! It's got tremendous ability to flip your mood in seconds. With Fardeen, who's dialogue delivery is as good as the announcer at the train station (or even worse), the actress, Meghana has her share of orgasms during what is supposed to be a workout. Look forward to the song 'You wanna be healthy wealthy sexy' and you will burst out laughing the next time you workout.

  • Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

You surely can't get nough of Aamir and Salman Khan's dialogue baazi and will find yourself using these dialogues even much later. Dialogues like 'Galti se...mishtake ho gaya' and 'Mein toh kehta hu aap purush hi nahi hai... maha purush hain maha purush!' have that hangover effect.

  • Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Going back to the 80s and watching what happens when Nassiruddinshah's talent comes together with a plot packed with humour, you won't be disappointed with the cult classic. The innocent, silly, thoughtful, gimmicks take you back to the simplicity of life then. It's the movie you shouldn't miss to lighten your mood.

English movies

  • Transformers (all movies)

You have got to be in the mood for that kind of action. Pick any of the movies from the series to take you to another world of high voltage sci-fi.

  • School of Rock (2003)

You know you will be at the edge of your seat with this one, after a long day at work and you wouldn't even mind! Jack Black is the music teacher you wished you had. The loud, revolutionary and crazy plot makes you want to watch 'School of rock' over and over again.

  • Step Brothers (2008)

They are a disastrous duo of stepbrothers and typically don't like each other, at least for a while. Then, the tables turn and they stick by each other, well quite literally. The interview scene, makes you feel, you had your sibling back you up during a dreadful interview. It's madness all the way, so you can grab a large bowl of popcorn and some beer and get set for a night of stomach-aching laughter.

  • The Hangover (all movies)

There are two big reasons you should watch hangover, the first movie or any of them for that matter! Bradley Cooper for one and it portrays a bachelor's party you are always going to envy! You will be calling in for a 'guy's night out' with this movie and you surely don't want to give it a miss on a weekend.

  • Titanic (1999)

It's good to give yourself the dose of unconditional dramatic love, as classic as in Titanic. The legendary 'boat pose', the unconditional love and the 'never again' feeling, are reasons enough to get you to watch the movie over and over again. It's an all time classic and gives you a Leonardo Dicaprio hangover.

Having listed prem aggan, you have got to watch this video to know exactly what you've missed (assuming you haven't watched it yet), and you might just go, 'You wanna? I wanna.'

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