1 glass of wine as bad as 3 vodka shots

London, Dec 3: A new study has reported that a large glass of wine is potentially as bad as downing three shots of vodka. Duncan Selbie, chief executive of Public Health England (PHE), said that liver disease, which is a 'silent killer,' is currently the third biggest killer of working age adults after ischaemic heart disease and self-harm, the Mirror reported.

Selbie added that liver disease, with 75 percent of people with cirrhosis only being diagnosed once they are admitted to hospital, is largely preventable with the three big risk factors being alcohol, for example, it is very easy for people to pour a glass and have no idea how much they are drinking, obesity and viral hepatitis. (Read: Beware, alcohol can damage your lungs too)

According to the NHS, a 250ml glass of wine with an alcohol volume of 12.5 percent contains three units, while one small single shot of vodka with a volume of 40 percent is the equivalent of one unit. (Read: Men who drink alcohol have lower quality sperm)

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