Hook-Up Culture: Spread Affection, Not Infection

Hook-Up Culture: Spread Affection, Not Infection

Kanusha YK, Relationship expert and Psychotherapist at Allo Health, shares four ways to reduce the risk-free sexual experience.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : May 3, 2023 11:00 AM IST

We are witnessing a considerable shift in our society, with modern relationships redefining what we want and seek in romantic relationships. The hook-up culture is one example where one accepts no-strings-attached relationships, one-night stands, booty calls, flings, and other casual sex encounters. Sex can be an enjoyable experience but poses risks, including unplanned pregnancy and infections, which can be stressful. It may not be possible to have an entirely risk-free sexual experience, but Kanusha YK, Relationship Expert and Psychotherapist at Allo Health shares four things to reduce the risk.

STIs are prevalent, but there are ways to avoid them and lower your risk. First, openly discuss the same with your partner or doctor in the best way for you if you're unsure.