Homoeopathy, also known as homoeopathic medicine, is a unique medical speciality. According to homoeopathic treatment, the body can heal itself, and, in this, the symptoms of the disease are understood by the body's reactions. The treatment in this medical system is also based on a different idea, ‘Similia similibus curantur’, which, in English, means ‘Like Cures Like’. So, if put in simple language, according to homoeopathy, if a healthy person starts having symptoms of the disease from a substance, he can be cured if the same substance is given to him in a small amount.

What Is Homeopathy?

As a principle of homoeopathic medicine, homoeopathic medicines increase the body's ability to recover independently. According to the results, homoeopathic practitioners are called homoeopaths and prescribe drugs and other treatment therapies. The patient is usually given tablets and solutions during treatment, which are the drug's active ingredients.

What Is Homoeopathy Used For?

The homoeopathic system of medicine is used to maintain health and treat long-term diseases. Drugs are mainly used to treat allergies, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome. At the same time, the homoeopathy system is also very beneficial for treating scratches or other types of minor injuries. However, there are some serious diseases that homoeopathy is not considered suitable for treating. These mainly include cancer, heart disease, serious infections, other emergency health problems, etc. though it can be used as a complementary add-on treatment.

History Of Homoeopathy

The homoeopathic system of medicine was born in the late 18th century and is believed to have been founded by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann. The word homoeopathy is derived from the two Greek words ‘homeos’ and ‘pathos’. Homeos means ‘uniform’, and Pathos means ‘suffering’ (or disease), which reflects the ‘Law of Similar’ principle of homoeopathic medicine.

Diagnosis In Homeopathy

The diagnosis of the disease in the homoeopathic system of medicine is slightly different from the modern diagnosis system. In homoeopathy, the diagnosis of the disease is done by the homoeopath, in which the symptoms of the patient are examined, and all the physical examinations are done. During the process, the patient is asked questions related to his health, with the help of which the doctor treats the type of disease and the conditions that cause it. Furthermore, during the test, the patient's mental illness is also checked, and he has to answer questions about his life situation, anxiety, fear, stress and other mental pressure, etc. With the help of diagnosis in the homoeopathic system of medicine, doctors find out the disease and its cause and get to the bottom of the patient's physical and mental condition. Then, the appropriate treatment is determined according to the results obtained from the diagnosis.

Treatment In Homoeopathy

The treatment done in homoeopathic medicine is quite different from the modern medical treatment system. Allopathic medicines mainly focus on reducing the disease symptoms, while with the help of homoeopathic medicines, the person's health is empowered to fight the disease himself. As mentioned above, homoeopaths first examine the body closely to find its cause and type of disease. Then, according to the cause of the disease, homoeopathic medicines and their dosages are prescribed, giving the body's immune system strength to fight the related disease. The homoeopathy medical system gives patients drugs to fight infections and other treatments, including mental support. It has become possible to treat many familiar to severe conditions in the homoeopathic system of medicine.

Benefits Of Homeopathy

In the homoeopathic system of medicine, not only the disease is treated, but the person is made healthy again by eliminating the cause from the root. If put in simple language, homoeopathy cures the disease, but the problem is solved by fixing the issues that cause it. Homoeopathic medicine is widely used in India, Germany, England, and many European countries. The significant benefits that can be derived from the homoeopathic system of treatment include the following:

  • Every type of product available: Like the allopathic medicine system, almost every product is easily found in homoeopathy. It contains medicines, shampoo, oil, soap, powder, ointment, etc. These products serve as ‘over-the-counter’ medicine to treat diseases, meaning you can use them without consulting a homoeopathic doctor.
  • Treats the root cause of the disease: According to the homoeopathic system of medicine, it is not the cure for the illness of the person but only for the diseased person. This means that it increases the ability of the diseased person to recover, which increases the chances of any disease being eliminated from the root. It's also believed that with the help of homoeopathy medicines, many such conditions can be treated from the core, which is not possible in the modern medicine system.
  • According to homoeopathy, medicines manufacturing undergoes a strict quality control process with fewer adverse effects. Therefore, they do not harm any internal part of the body, and, due to cleanliness, their toxic effects have also been meagre. Not only this, no colour, flavour, or additional ingredients are included while making homoeopathy medicines.Safe for every age: According to the principles of homoeopathic medicine, these medicines are safe for everyone, from the aged to the kids, and even pregnant women can take these medicines. However, you are still advised to talk to a doctor before taking homoeopathic medicine.

How Safe Is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a nearly 200-year-old system of medicine and is currently being used in many parts of the world. According to some reports, homoeopathic medicines are considered safe in most cases, but side effects have also been observed from their products. There are also some products of homoeopathy that cannot be taken with allopathic or other products. So far, no evidence has been recorded that those medicines are safer than allopathic medicines. At the same time, some health experts believe that the active substances in homoeopathy medicines are tiny, making it almost impossible to get any treatment. However, if you are optimistic about this form of healing, you may feel the benefits. This is called the placebo effect in allopathic. However, other experts beg to differ. They believe that the ingredients present in homoeopathy medicines can effectively treat physical and mental illnesses. It can be dangerous to treat serious diseases or emergencies with homoeopathy. This is because relatively more modern techniques are used in allopathy.

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