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Top 10 Home Remedies To Stop Vomiting And Nausea

Top 10 Home Remedies To Stop Vomiting And Nausea
Top 10 Home Remedies To Stop Vomiting

Try these home remedies to stop vomiting immediately.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Published : May 15, 2023 8:36 AM IST

Vomiting is the forceful expulsion of stomach contents through the mouth, caused by humoral stimulation of the chemoreceptor trigger zone or neural, Stimulation of the emetic centre. Vomiting is often associated with mild self-limiting diseases that resolve with minimal diagnostic tests and therapy. However, it can be related to debilitating conditions that have life-threatening consequences.

The act of vomiting is composed of three phases nausea, retching and expulsion of proximal duodenal and gastric contents. Nausea is the conscious recognition of sub-conscious excitation in an area of the brain called the medulla that is closely associated with the vomiting center. Ptyalism, tachycardia, nervousness, hiding or seeking attention, shivering and yawning are all characteristic signs of nausea. These are triggered by the general activation of the autonomic nervous system.

How To Stop Vomiting?

Most of the time, vomiting is self-limited and many home remedies do help Children with nausea and vomiting. Check out the below-mentioned home remedies to stop vomiting shared by Dr Anamika Dubey, Senior Consultant, General Pediatrics, Madhukar Rainbow Children's Hospital, Malviya Nagar.

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Drink Water

Vomiting can be very stressful for children and parents. Vomiting can lead to loss of water in the body and dehydration. Hence the first step to treat vomiting is to rehydrate the child by increasing water intake. A liquid diet is easy on the stomach and restores fluid loss and strength.

Prepare ORS

A very simple way is to freeze ORS into small cubes, Giving ice chips/ cubes to a child at frequent intervals can reduce vomiting and prevent dehydration. We can prepare homemade ORS by adding 2 spoons of sugar, a pinch of salt, lemon, cumin powder and mint leaves in 200 ml of water. Mix well and give sips of this drink to children. Both lemon and mint have a beneficial effect on vomiting.

Since ancient times, medicinal plants and their constituents have shown a therapeutic role in many diseases by modulating biological activities.


Ginger, one of the commonly consumed dietary condiments, is considered to be safe. It has an anti-emetic effect due to its constituents like ginger ops, shogaols, and galanolactone. There are studies in favour of ginger's role in reducing the severity of nausea and vomiting.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel (saunf) is a traditional and popular herb with a long history of use as a medicine. Fennels are one of the highest plant sources of potassium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium. It is used as an anti-flatulent, antispasmodic and antiemetic in children.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are popular all over the world as a spice. In Sanskrit, cumin is known as jeera, meaning "that which helps digestion ". Cumin has become the subject of medical research, as anecdotal evidence claims it has all kinds of health benefits. Most of the benefits of cumin are related to our digestive, immune system and circulation.


Keep a few pieces of cloves in your mouth and suck them for a long. The rich aroma and taste of this spice will help in stopping vomiting immediately. You can also drink clove tea to avoid vomiting.

Lemon Water/ Lemonade

Nimbu paani, or lemonade is another great home remedy to fight vomiting. Drink a glass of water with some lemons squeezed into it. Make sure to use only fresh lemons to make this drink.

Jeera And Saunf Water

In children with vomiting, mothers can prepare lemonade or ORS at home with jeera/fennel powder.

Orange Juice

Fresh homemade orange juice replenishes lost minerals, vitamins and nutrients of the body at a fast rate. The citrus taste helps with the vomiting feeling. However, it is important to make sure that the oranges used in making the juice are fresh. Do not consume stored or packed fruit juices.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are personal opinions backed by science and have been approved by Dr Anamika Dubey, Senior Consultant, General Pediatrics, Madhukar Rainbow Children's Hospital, Malviya Nagar. These are some home remedies for vomiting but if the symptoms persist or worsen take the child to the hospital or physician.

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