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Suffering from hypertension? Moringa oil could come to your rescue

Being rich in omega-9 fatty acids, moringa oil is good for managing hypertension.

Starting from practising yoga to keeping your room temperature warm, there are no-drug ways to tame hypertension. Moringa oil is one among them.

Written by Saswati Sarkar |Updated : January 10, 2020 11:43 AM IST

According to the estimates of the World Health organization (WHO), 1.13 billion people suffer from hypertension all across the world. A condition characterised by high blood pressure levels, it is one of the major causes of premature death worldwide. In a significant finding published in Lancet, it has been found that one of the drugs traditionally used for controlling high blood pressure levels, ACE inhibitors, isn't as good or safe as it was thought to be. This large-scale research involving 4.9 million patients from four countries found that using thiazide diuretic is a better and safer option. Well, while scientific studies will come up with more significant findings in the field, there are some easy-easy-to-follow lifestyle measures and natural remedies like moringa oil that can reduce your risk of hypertension and help you manage the condition.


Hypertension, infamous as a silent killer, is a condition, that, to a large extent is the result of our unhealthy lifestyle. High sodium fat content in your diet is one of the main culprits. Avoid saturated and trans fats in your meals. Reading food labels while buying packaged food is extremely important to cut down on these two fats. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol is a must for those suffering from hypertension. Yoga, which is known to bring down stress levels, can also be effective in controlling your blood pressure levels. Lastly and importantly, sedentary lifestyle is another culprit behind hypertension. Make sure that you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight because obesity is a well-known culprit behind this condition. Interestingly, a recent study finds that another small measure may bring about significant changes in your blood pressure readings. The research published in the Journal of Hypertension, suggests that keeping your home a little warmer is associated with healthy blood pressure levels.

However, apart from lifestyle triggers, there could be other factors contributing to your condition as well: Age, genetic predisposition and other health conditions like diabetes and kidney failure.

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The oil extracted from the seeds of moringa or drumstrick tree has long been used for medicinal purposes. This oil comes with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, vitamins B, C and oleic acid. Solvent extraction or cold press techniques are the procedures to take out oil from the seeds of moringa tree, which mainly grows in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India.

Loaded with omega-9 fatty acids, moringa impacts your blood pressure levels positively. It also brings down your cholesterol level and increases blood circulation. Research has shown that this oil significantly reduces your chances of getting stroke, heart attack, and other cardiac ailments.

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