Infected with measles? Go the nature's way to beat it

It is best to not miss a vaccine against measles as that is the only way to prevent the condition. However, in case you get infected, try out these natural remedies.

It is not difficult to understand why the government has been pressing so hard for the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. This is because, measles is a highly contagious disease that can be spread by simply breathing in the infected air. A respiratory infection by nature, measles is caused by paramyxo, a virus that mostly affects children and very rarely occurs in adults. Isolating the infected person is important as measles is highly infectious for around four days before the rash shows up and about five days later. While vaccination is the only way to prevent measles, here are some natural ways of curing it, once the virus hits you.

Tamarind seeds and turmeric: A mix of equal amount of powdered tamarind seeds and turmeric is an efficient healer of measles. Give a dose of this mix of 350 gm to 425 gm, thrice daily to the patient and see how it works magic.

Liquorice: Half a teaspoon of liquorice root ground into powder along with a little drop of honey can cure you effectively from measles. You got to consume this daily while you are infected.

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Margosa leaves: With its antiviral and antiseptic properties that adequately beat measles, margosa leaves do wonder in giving you relief from itching due to the rash. It can be added to hot bathing water. Bathe the patient with the same water for at least 20 minutes for best outcome.

Garlic: Not just in your kitchen space, garlic rules when it comes to treating measles the natural way as well. All you need to do is take some cloves of garlic, powder them and consume with some honey and of course get well sooner from measles.

Lemon juice: If you are fond of lemon juice, this is good news. You may just consume more of it in case you are struck with measles. 15 to 25ml of lemon juice squeezed in the water is a perfect natural therapy to cure it.

Bitter gourd leaves and turmeric root: This may not taste too good but it's a saviour in case you contract measles. Juice the bitter gourd leaves, add it to a mix of turmeric root and honey and fight measles the best way.

Coconut water and flesh: A storehouse of nutrients and natural sugar that act as a cleanser of toxic body elements, coconut water serve as an effective drink to tackle measles. Rich in anti-oxidants, coconut flesh speeds up your recovery process.

Amla: Amla mixed with water is the best way to get rid of burning and itching sensation during measles. If possible, take a shower in amla rinsed water for better result.

Barley: For managing coughs, barley water is best. Drinking barley water flavoured with some sweetened almond oil quite often gives you immense relief if you are suffering from measles.

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