Effective home remedies to lower creatinine levels

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You can adopt some healthy lifestyle practices that can help you lower your high creatinine levels. Here are a few home remedies for this condition.

Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by muscle metabolism. A diet high in red meat also leads to the production of this chemical, which is filtered by your kidneys along with other waste products from your blood. The filtered waste products are then expelled via urine. But if you have any kidney disease and your kidneys are not functioning properly, it can lead to an accumulation of creatinine in your blood. This, in turn, can lead to uremia, which is a potentially life-threatening disorder. Strenuous physical activity as well as certain medications may also cause creatinine levels to rise in your body as can chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, or thyroid disease. This can affect the normal functioning of your body. Dialysis is often the answer. But along with this, you can also adopt some healthy lifestyle practices that can help you lower your levels of this chemical waste product. This will help you detoxify your blood, which is so necessary for optimum health.

Here, we list a few things that you can do to ensure that your creatinine levels remain normal. These measures will also help bring down the levels if it is already high.

Avoid heavy exercises

Exercise is good for health. But if your creatinine levels are high then you must do this in moderation. If you indulge in strenuous physical activity, it may cause a spike in creatinine levels. This is because muscle metabolism produces creatinine and overusing muscle groups leads to this spike. Levels go up because of increase in muscle breakdown. If you suffer from this condition, it is better if you consult your doctor about how much you should exercise.

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Avoid certain supplements

Supplements can boost your health. But some supplements contain creatine. This is a chemical produced by your liver and transported to your muscles to be used as energy. Unused creatine is converted into creatinine, a waste product, by your body. Certain supplements contain this chemical. It is mostly used by athletes to boost performance. Avoid such supplements.

Cut back on your protein intake

High protein intake can increase creatinine levels. This is especially true for red meat. If you have high levels of this chemical, cut back on red meat as well as other protein sources like dairy products. Instead switch to a plant-based diet for better health.

Increase your fibre intake

According to research, a diet high in dietary fiber can help lower your creatinine levels. Studies have shown significant reductions in creatinine levels in people with chronic kidney disease who increased their fiber intake. So, add a lot of fruits, veggies, whole grains and legume to your diet. These foods are rich sources of dietary fibre.

Regulate your fluid intake

Water intake is important for overall health and fitness. If you do not drink enough water, you run the risk of dehydration. This can cause your creatinine levels to rise. This is a common issue in people with kidney disease. Consult your doctor and figure out how much water you much drink on a daily basis to keep your creatinine levels low. .

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