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Beyond Oolong: These Unique Ingredients Are Best To Make Your Teeth Strong And Shiny

Beyond Oolong: These Unique Ingredients Are Best To Make Your Teeth Strong And Shiny

Are you looking for ways to get strong and healthy teeth? Here are some expert-approved ways to make your teeth look shiny as ever.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : December 6, 2021 12:06 PM IST

In India, whenever someone complains about having trouble with teeth mostly people recommend putting an Oolong or 'Laung' between their teeth or drinking Oolong tea, to avoid any dental issues. Although Oolong is very effective as it kills cavity-causing bacteria 'Streptococcus Mutans', prevents cavities and promotes healthy salivary microbiomes. But is Oolong the only kitchen ingredient that can help with dental and oral health?

Is Indian medicine only limited to Oolong when it comes to dental and oral health? We think not! Indian Science of Ayurvedic medicines has named lots of different herbs and spices that works exceptionally well when it comes to restoring and maintaining oral and dental health.

Ingredients For Strong And Healthy Teeth

Here we have five unique ingredients that are best to make your teeth strong, healthy and shiny.

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Holy Basil Or Tulsi

This commonly known herb is not just called the elixir of life for our physical health but is exceptionally beneficial for our oral health as well. Holy Basil contains natural astringent properties that help in battling bacteria, thus preventing bad breath and cavities.


This delicious classic herb is not just used for salad and food dressings but is loaded with a lot of calcium. Consuming this herb could be an effective way to sustain the health of teeth and bones to combat the weakening of teeth.

Turmeric Or Haldi

This popular curry ingredient does wonder when it comes to healing, but it is a lesser-known fact that it works equally well when it comes to dental and oral health. According to scientific studies, it has been proven that turmeric contains the same properties as traditional mouthwash, and may even be more effective. It also has the power to reverse pre-cancerous conditions for oral cancer.

Sesame Seeds Or Til

These tiny balls of flavours also help in maintaining dental health in two ways. For one, as you chew, they help scrub plaque from your teeth and secondly, they're a great source of calcium. Just make sure any seeds caught between your teeth are removed as soon as possible.

Nutmeg Or Jaiphal

The wonder spice prevents dental plaque by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth, resulting in whitening your teeth. Take a pinch of nutmeg powder and scrub over teeth like toothpaste with your fingers and rinse your mouth with water. Remember to brush your teeth afterwards.

A healthy mouth enables good nutrition, and it can also indicate if there's something wrong elsewhere. While no food will ever replace the need to brush, so don't forget to pair these ingredients with a daily dental routine. Remember the secret to healthy teeth is to brush regularly, floss regularly and keep sugars to a minimum.

(The article is contributed by Dr Neetika Modi, Director & Dental Surgeon, Studio Aesthetique Clinic)

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