6 simple and easy tricks for a good sleep at night

With a little knowledge and planning, you can fall asleep faster. Thought, creating a sleep-friendly environment is important.

Getting enough sleep is as important as getting a proper diet. Improper sleep can take a toll on your overall health. You can only improve your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being if you have a routine good sleep, especially at night. Some of the major health hazards related to improper sleeping habits are short attention span, weight gain, impaired memory, poor emotional stability, reduced metabolism, a risk of heart disease and stroke, etc.

However, only a few people are lucky enough to get proper sleep at night, other sets of people remain sleep deprived. There is a certain group of people for those it becomes difficult to fall asleep faster. But with a little knowledge and planning, you can make your own arrangements for a good night sleep. Though creating a sleep-friendly environment is important but other factors do matter. Now here let's find out some exciting ways by which you can improve the quality of our sleep.

Here are the even simple adjustments which will help you to get the perfect sleep during bedtime.

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Do Quality Bedding

Sleeping in a clean and comfortable bed is always advisable. So, once you wake up in the morning, cleaning your bed should be your first task. Try to use comfortable soft sheets and mattress. Smooth and clean bedding helps to soothe and relax your body to fall asleep faster. According to the National Sleep Foundation, people who make their beds get better sleep overall.

Keep Your Bed Clutter-Free

Remove all the clutter away from your bed. A messy room, as well as a messy bed, can interfere with your sleep. The heap of dirty or clean clothes, stary throw pillows and other clusters should be removed to get proper sleep at night. According to research, having less mess surrounding helps you to quiet your brain

Cover Up Your TV

Your self-control is one of the first things to go when you are feeling sleepy. Thus, try to switch off the TV once you start planning to hit the bed, keeping your TV on will only hamper your sleep. Cover it with a cover if the TV is placed in your bedroom.

Charge Your Phone Outside Your Bedroom

Using your phone during your bedtime delay your body's ability to shut down faster. So, keep your mobile phone away before going into your bedroom, plug it for charging in the next room if possible.

Keep a Pad and Pencil on the Nightstand

Instead of spending the whole night thinking about various things, jot it down in a notepad and go off to sleep. Thus, keep a small notebook and a pen on your nightstand.

Keep the Clock Out Of Your Sight

The feeling of running out of time to get enough sleep fuels insomnia. After you set an alarm refrain from checking the time on your phone or watch, turn the clock away from you. Checking time and the light of electronic devices can hamper melatonin production (a hormone which helps you to fall asleep).

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