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You will go ga-ga over Sonakshi Sinha’s fitness routine

The 'pilates porgi' goes an extra mile when it comes to her fitness routine.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Published : July 25, 2018 2:00 PM IST

As soon as you hear this dialogue "Thappad se darr nahin lagta saahab, pyar se lagta hai", you are bound to think about the gorgeous actress Sonakshi Sinha who has silenced the critics with her amazing weight loss. The actress who debuted from the movie 'Dabangg 'opposite Salman Khan, has a massive fan following. The Rajjo of Bollywood, who was overweight before entering the films has become a fitness icon now. Sonakshi who is fondly called as Sona works out regularly and follows a stringent diet plan.

Sonakshi transformation from flab to fab is applause worthy. The super gorgeous actress sweats it out hard in the gym and is a fitness enthusiast. Sona who was also seen in movies like 'Dabangg 2', 'Lootera', 'Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty', 'Joker' and so on, has displayed her powerful acting skills and now she is mesmerizing the audiences with her drastic transformations well. Her toned bod is proof that she is in no mood to compromise with her fitness routine. Here, we decode her fitness routine.

Sonakshi does Pilates, rowing machine workout, stretches and so on. Pilates can enhance your balance, stamina and flexibility. It can improve your posture and help you to strengthen your core. It can be a good stress-buster and can improve your self confidence. It can increase your muscle strength and can prevent you from injuries. It is also good for your respiratory health and can increase your lung capacity. So, just get motivated by Sona and start exercising. Since, a sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your health as invites a host of health problems.

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A rowing machine workout can help you to acquire a toned body, it can aid weight loss, increase your stamina, flexibility and balance. It will help you to build a strong core and can increase your endurance. You can see how Sona is nailing it like a queen. Sona, you have managed to give us some major fitness goals. Great going girl! So, when are you exercising?

Doing a headstand can help you to stay stress-free, enhances focus and blood flow to the eyes, can help you to strengthen your core, legs and back, arms, legs and can improve your digestion. Doing it the wrong way can increase your chances of getting injured. Also, make sure that you don't have any health conditions like back or neck pain. So, just go out there and take up some physical activity to lead a healthy life.

Image Source: Instagram/ @aslisona

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