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Yoga workouts: Effective poses for the chronic couch potato

The Eagle Pose can easily modified for the chronic couch potato.

If you like being lazy, don't worry. There are a few yoga poses that you can easily perform on or in the vicinity of your favourite couch in the living room.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Updated : May 15, 2020 9:26 AM IST

Are you one of those people who just hate getting up from their couch? If yes, your fitness levels must be really dipping south. You need to wake up before it is too late and take some action to be fit and healthy again. Couch potatoes are often guilty of not working out despite knowing that this may be harming their health. They are so comfortable in their own zone that stepping out is a real problem for them.

One reason for this may be a very hectic lifestyle. Yes, if you are on your toes working the whole day in an office and fulfilling your obligations everywhere, you may just want to flop into your couch when you reach home. Or else, you may be too busy watching your favourite series on television to exercise. Working out is often the last thing in your mind in this case. But thankfully, there are many exercises that you can easily do in the comforts of your home and on or in the vicinity of your favourite couch in the living room. You just need to be dedicated and have the motivation for it.

Here are a few yoga pose variations that you can easily perform while sitting on your favourite couch.

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Seated Eagle Pose

This is a great stretch that rejuvenates your entire body and you don't even have to leave your couch.


Sit on the edge of your couch.

Cross one leg over the other and twisting your top foot behind the leg that is on the floor.

Lift your arms and cross one elbow under the other.

Now, lift both arms up and feel the stretch in your shoulders.

The Fire Log Pose

This is a great workout for your spine and hips. It will increase flexibility and mobility.


Sit straight with one foot over your opposite knee.

Keep the other foot under the opposite knee.

Be sure to keep your spine erect and feet flexed.

Bend forward and hold the position for a few seconds.

Revolved Head to Knee pose

This yoga pose needs to be done on the floor. This is a great workout for your waist as well as your hips.


Slide down from your couch to the floor.

Bend one knee so that one foot is against your inner thigh.

Extend the other leg out to the side.

Inhale deeply and raise the arm that is opposite to the extended leg.

Exhale and bend your torso.

At the same time, reach for your toes of your extended leg.

Now twist your torso and look up at the ceiling.

Seated Forward Fold Pose

Keep sitting on you couch and perform this asana. This will strengthen your back and spine and also give a workout to your abdomen.


Suck the stomach in and move your pelvis back.

At the same time, fold your body forward, taking hold of the toes.

Keep the feet flexed and the toes pointing up.

Elongate your spine as much as possible.

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