Which one is better: Yoga in the morning or yoga in the evening?

Yoga guru Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Zobra Yoga, answers this question for us.

Yoga is a favourite fitness activity of the millennials. Most of them love the tranquillity and peace that follows after a session doing asanas with proper breathing and relaxation techniques. One benefit of incorporating yoga in your daily life is that unlike a gym where you have to be present and make time to exercise, you can practice yoga anywhere at your convenience at home, in the park, in your balcony or even at your office if you have a recreational room. This advantage makes yoga a favourite among many. However, most people are confused on when to practise yoga in the mornings or evenings. Here are six myths of yoga busted by an expert.

So we got yoga guru Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Zorba Yoga, to answer this question for us. Here is what he has to say: Yoga traditionally has been practised early in the morning. The advantage of doing yoga in the morning is your five senses are more receptive. Your mind is more open to the images around, the voices you hear, the various smells of your surroundings, tastes and sensitive to touch.

In the early mornings while the mind is still waking up to the stresses of a new day and is in the perfect condition to experience the union of body and soul. This enhances the removes mental blocks, helps to connect and experience better and you start your day with a sense of Zen. In the early mornings there is pure oxygen (O2) and less pollution it creates an ideal platform to gain better understanding, consciousness, and awareness to bring the divinity in all aspects of life. Did you know about wheel yoga and its benefits?

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If once we see yoga from a wide angle it will be difficult to say morning yoga or evening yoga? Because nowadays people have vast changes in their lifestyles and day to day work, which might be a barrier for morning yoga but still evening yoga has its own benefits.

By evening the body cells and muscles become loose and soft which can be an add-on to enhance and deepen the practice. One starts becoming energetic, stress gets reduced, experiences grounding, improvement of sleep etc., after an exhausting day. This might be a better way to say evening yoga works as a tablet, but morning yoga makes you free from taking any tablets.

However, morning and evening yoga both have their own pros and cons which depend on the one's lifestyle, work conditions and individual requirements. Yoga can be practised due to different intentions such as physical improvements, peace of mind, the growth of consciousness or spiritual developments.

Ultimately doing is the key and eventually one will be clear if evening or morning which works out well.

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