Want to be at peace with PMS? Try these 8 yoga poses

You may not get rid of PMS completely, you can surely battle it better with yoga.

You go through those insufferably crippling cramps, irrational depression and crying fit once every month, about 1 or 2 weeks before you begin to menstruate. Infamous as premenstrual syndrome or PMS, this phase sees your hormones oestrogen and progesterone battle against each other. They regulate the menstrual cycle and have an impact on your central nervous system. For some, the oestrogen levels go up, making them anxious and easily irritable while for others, the progesterone soars, setting them up for depression. During this period, you may feel abnormally bloated, get a sudden headache or a bout of unexplained allergies and your breasts may become unusually tender. There are 150 symptoms categorised as PMS and they vary from person to person. While you may not get rid of PMS completely, you can surely battle it better with yoga. Here are 8 PMS fighting poses for you. Do them every day a week or two before your periods start.

Seated Twist

Sit with legs extended to the front. Cross your left leg over the right, with the left foot lying flat outside the right knee. Now, bring the right heel near the left hip. Rest your left hand on the floor by the left hip. Inhale, and wrap the right arm around left knee. Twist your torso to the left. Hold for 10 to 15 deep breaths. Return to start. Switch sides, repeat. Read:Why you must do Surya Namaskar

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Wind Pose

Lie with your face up. Bring your knees to the chest, and wrap your arms around the shin bones; Keep your lower back pressed to the floor as you breathe slowly and deeply for 20 times.

Cat Pose

Start on all fours, placing your knees under the hips, hands under the shoulders. Keep your head parallel to the floor. For the cat pose, drop your head and lift your belly up while inhaling. Repeat 10 times.

Modified Cobra Pose

Lie with your face down, elbows bent, close to body and palms under the shoulders. Inhale and simultaneously lift the chest and left leg until your left foot is about 12 inches off the floor. Exhale, as your lower the chest and leg to the start position. Repeat with right leg for one rep. Do 3-5 reps.

Child Pose (Balasana)

Sit in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) and bring your torso on your thighs. Place the arms by the side of the legs with palms facing upwards. Your forehead should rest on the ground. Breathe deeply. Hold for 20 slow, deep breaths.

Crocodile Pose

Lie with your face down and arms folded in the front and forehead resting on stacked hands. Keep your legs loose and relaxed with your knees shoulder-width apart. Your toes can be pointed inward or upwards. Keeping your upper body and butt relaxed, exhale as you pull belly button in and up off the floor. Hold for 2 counts; inhale as you release your belly back to the floor and repeat for one rep. (If you experience discomfort in your lower back, place a rolled-up towel or pillow under the ankles.) Do 3 reps.

Bridge Pose

Lie flat on the floor with your face up, knees bent and at hip-width apart. Slowly push your hips towards the ceiling, forming a line from shoulders to knees. Keeping neck relaxed, clasp your palms on the floor beneath the torso. Hold for five deep breaths, working up to 10 or 15. Release hands and lower your torso to the floor slowly. Repeat three times.

Thunderbolt Pose

Sit in the kneeling posture. Rest your buttocks on the heels and palms on the thighs. Maintain an upright posture as you breathe slowly and deeply for 20 times.

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