Hypertension? Try these 4 yoga poses!

Go, look out for your yoga mat!

Hypertension is becoming increasingly common these days. Given that it is getting more and more rampant, there is a stronger need to get rid of the illness. Medicines, are quite effective for diabetes as well as hypertension however, it is believed that the dosage shall last for a lifetime. Performing some yoga asanas could come to your rescue, says Hiral Shah, Founder and CEO, Hiral Shah Wellness Solutions, Mumbai.


Marjariasana (Cat and the Cow pose)

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The asana is very commonly performed and is generally done in two bits. Here's how you could do it too!

Sit on your knees and toes on the ground. Take palms forward and assume requisite distance.

Relax the muscles of the trunk region and allow the lumbar region to go down.

Simultaneously, raise the head, taking the chin up to comfortable position.

This ends the first position of Marjarasana.


For the next, take the mid trunk up like an arch.

At the same time, relax the neck muscles and let the head come down and hang.

Sulabha Ardha Pavan Muktasana

Sulabha Ardha Pavan Muktasana

Lie on back with legs fold at knees, keeping soles on ground, little away from the buttocks.

Bring right knee closer to the chest and encircle it with interlocked fingers.

Exert comfortable pressure on the right side of the abdomen by gently pressing the palms on the right knee.

Release and repeat on the opposite side.

Sulabha Ardha Vrischikasana

Sulabha Ardha Vrischikasana

Lie on abdomen, fold arms at elbows and palms on floor.

Contract neck muscles and lower back, raise head and chest up.

Keep forearms on floor that upper arms are perpendicular to the floor.

If required, take some distance between the knees and fold one leg at a time.

Keep the toes relaxed. Change the leg.

Hold according to your capacity.

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Lie on abdomen with maximum comfortable distance between the legs with toes pointing outward and heels inward.

Place the forearms one upon another and keep them under the forehead.

Entire body has to be relaxed completely by judicious use of mental powers i.e. by mentally telling yourself to relax.

These positions not only help to treat hypertension but also help you de-stress and relax! Read: A yoga teacher tells you 5 ways to beat hypertension

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