How to do Surya Namaskar when you have back pain, periods + other tips

Do you skip doing Surya Namaskar when you have periods or back pain? Read what Rujuta Diwekar has to say about that.

Those who do Surya Namaskar regularly know that it is nothing short of a miracle. The 12 slow poses go a long way in giving your body and your mind a complete workout. Surya Namaskar helps one lose weight, strengthen muscles and joints, get down blood sugar levels, make the skin glow, get rid of insomnia and has a number of other health benefits. This is one yoga asana or exercise that you can do without a problem even when you have health issues like back pain or periods and PMS. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar guides you with tips on Surya Namaskar:

Special instructions to follow when you do Surya Namaskar

1. If you have never done Surya Namaskar before:

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Start with 2 rounds every alternate day

Graduate to 2 rounds every day from week 3

Then add 1 round to your practice every alternate week

2. If you don t do Surya Namaskar every day -

Make it non-negotiable, for example, say that you won t leave from home without doing it.

5 a day is a good number, sustain that.

If you feel like adding one more round, wait for 12 weeks to do so. Train the mind to be consistent first.

3. If you do Surya Namaskar regularly -

Don t take a break even on a Sunday

Don t drop below 5 or go beyond 12

The idea is to get better with every step and not to mindlessly increase the number

1. Summer tip - On a day you feel too hot, too exhausted, too tired, just drop the right half of the round where the right leg leads. Just do your rounds on the left and see how light you feel.

2. During periods - Feel free to listen to your body. Do them if you are in good shape, drop the number if you are exhausted.

3. A week before periods, if there s PMS - Start with 3 full rounds and end with 2 rounds only on left.

4. For back/ knee pain - Focus first on the right technique. Skip the postures which aggravate the pain, but do the rest in the sequence.

One full round of Surya Namaskar = full sequence leading from right leg + full sequence leading from left leg.

One round on left = Full sequence leading from left leg + repeat.

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