6 yoga poses to help you deal with piles or haemorrhoids

The yoga asanas will stretch and contract the muscles of the anus, keeping it relaxed.

Piles also known as haemorrhoids have been linked with disturbed digestion, assimilation and elimination along with poor lifestyle choices, obesity and pregnancy. Yogic techniques are valuable not only in reducing the symptoms but also in eliminating the real cause of piles. The yogic postures also alternatively stretch and contract the muscles of the anus keeping the anus supple and relaxed. Piles are often the secondary effect of long-term malfunction of the digestive tract which can be taken care of by yoga. If you are suffering from piles, these yoga poses recommended by yoga expert, Abhishek Sharma will help.

Viparita karini or legs up the wall: The legs up the wall pose can contribute to improving the blood circulation to the anus and thus assist in reducing the symptoms of haemorrhoids. It will also help to reduce the stress caused due to excessive straining during bowel movements.


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Malasana or garland pose: Garland pose can help prevent constipation which is one of the most common causes of haemorrhoids. The posture not only works on your spine, hips and buttocks but also stretches and contracts the abdomen balancing the functioning of the entire digestive tract. Try and stay in this pose for 8-10 breaths before you relax.


Balasana or child s pose: Child s pose can also contribute to increasing the circulation towards the anus and also help alleviate constipation. Stay in child s pose at least for a minute or as long as you are comfortable.


Pavanmukhtasana or wind relieving pose: Applying gentle and firm pressure on the stomach while practising pavanmukhtasana can help release trapped gases and ease discomfort in the lower abdomen. It will also help release muscle tension in the anus. Hold for 5-6 seconds as you observe your breath.


Sarvangasana or shoulder stand and halasana or plough pose: As you practise sarvangasana and halasana know that these postures improve blood circulation in the body especially in your abdomen and your anus. This in turn also helps in regulating the flow of digestive juices. Hold these poses at least for 10 seconds before you curl back to the floor.


Ardha matsyendrasana or sitting half spinal twist: Twisting in ardha matsyendrasana can provide the much-needed boost to your digestive system. As the abdominal discomfort decreases, you will feel that your weakness disappears. The blocked life force or energy will begin to flow freely. Stay in the twisting pose for at least five breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Ardha matsyendrasana

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