Yoga Is Good For Health, But This Is When You Should Not Be Doing It

Yoga Is Good For Health, But This Is When You Should Not Be Doing It
Avoid attempting inverted asanas like Sirsasana where the abdomen gets compressed. (Photo: Freepik)

Are you doing yoga while on your menstrual cycle? This is what you need to know.

Written by Prerna Mittra |Updated : December 1, 2023 11:01 AM IST

Lately, people have started to realise the importance and benefits of yoga, incorporating it into their daily routine for their mental, emotional and physical health, and the overall well-being. But, as crucial as it is, there are certain limitations to yoga. For instance, there are some asanas that pregnant women must not do. Similarly, there are certain exercises that must be avoided if you are injured or recovering from an injury. Are there any other such caveats?

According to Aastha Vidhi, a yoga instructor, it is important to know that yoga is a "spiritual discipline" based on a "subtle science that aims at attaining harmony between body and mind", and to achieve the perfect union of of the two, one must take into consideration a few things before starting the practice of yoga.

She took to Instagram to explain that yoga must be avoided during special circumstances; read on.

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Immediately after meals: Allow your body the time to digest the food. Sit still once you have finished eating. According to the expert, you must wait for at least 2 to 3 hours after a large meal before doing an asana. Also keep in mind that you must not shower or drink water, or eat food for at least 30 minutes after doing yoga. In case you are practising yoga for the betterment of your digestive system, eating or drinking right after may be counter-productive.

When you are exhausted: If you are already tired, avoid doing yoga. "When the body is already exhausted physically, practising yoga can overexert it, causing more harm than good," said the expert.

When you are on your menstrual cycle: The yoga instructor said that one must avoid attempting any heavy asanas or inverted asanas like Sirsasana where the abdomen gets compressed, because it may "affect the expulsion of blood flow". "You can avoid during heavy [period] flow and can practise easy asanas and relaxation techniques during that time."

When you have illness, injury: Give your body the rest it deserves. Practising yoga while being sick can aggravate the illness. Or, it can worsen the injury or sprain from minor to severe.

Avoid yoga in extreme temperatures: According to the expert, practising yoga in extreme heat can cause dehydration, and in some cases, it may also lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Similarly, during extreme winters, practising yoga may put you at the risk of catching a cold, unless you are doing it indoors.