Yoga can help you deal with chronic kidney disease

If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, there's no need to be depressed. Here are yoga poses that can help you live well with the condition.

Yoga to live well with kidney diseaseAlso known as renal dysfunction, kidney disease is often chronic and has no cure. Patients with this condition often complain of symptoms like water retention, frequent urination, swelling of legs, ankles, feet and face, shortness of breath due to extra fluid in blood, abnormal heart beat, muscle paralysis, fatigue, dizziness and low blood pressure.

The single major complaint that I hear from such patients is that they have disturbed sleep due to frequent urination. They don't get good sleep at night which makes them feel tired and drained out all day. This in turn affects their efficiency and motivation to do anything. Relaxation techniques like savasana and sukhasana are the best remedy for this. These techniques also take care of irregular heart rhythm thus preventing cardiac troubles. To get better control on the bladder Pavanmuktasana and Dhanurvakrasana should be practiced on a regular basis. Apart from that Dhradasana, the firm pose, should be practiced by those who tend to feel dizzy. Practicing Anulom Vilom pranayam to relieve shortness of breath and Makrasana for low blood pressure are effective methods to help this condition.


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Dradhasana or the firm pose:


  • Lie down on your back and turn to your left side
  • Fold your left arm and cushion your head on it
  • Align your body in one straight line and keep your legs one on top of the other
  • Rest your right arm on your body
  • Close your eyes and relax in this pose for 5 minutes


Dhanurvakrasanaor the bow pose:

Steps to do this pose:

  • Lie flat on your stomach with legs fully stretched out and arms resting by your side
  • Bend your legs at knees and hold your ankles keeping your arms fully stretched out
  • Inhaling raise your head and next upwards
  • Simultaneously raise your legs upwards by kicking them away from your body
  • Hold the pose for 10 seconds
  • Exhaling, return to the starting position
  • Repeat the asana thrice

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