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Yoga asana

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YogaRegular practice of yoga can improve your fitness and also help you maintain your weight. The yoga postures strengthens your bones and muscles and promotes balance and flexibility. The yogic techniques can also help  prevent as well as cure many diseases. In order to stay fit and flexible, here is a list of yoga asanas you can incorporate into your daily exercise regime.

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Forward Bending Poses

The forward bending yoga poses are designed to help you relieve stress by gently releasing tension from your entire body. These poses are accompanied by rhythmic breathing which can help you calm your mind.

Ardha Chandraasana or half moon pose

Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend pose

Adho Mukho Svanasana or downward dog facing pose

Apanasana or knee-to-chest pose  

Uttanasana or intense forward bending pose

Hastapadotasana or standing forward bend pose

Balasana or child’s pose

Parivrtta-Baddha-Parsvakonasana or revolved side angle pose 

Prasarita padottanasana or wide-legged forward bend

Backward Bending Poses

The backward bending yoga poses boost circulation and helps release the toxins from the body. The improved blood circulation aids the different body organs to function optimally.

Bhekasana or frog pose 

 Ardha Kapotasana or Half Pigeon Pose

Viparita Virabhadrasana or Reverse Warrior Pose 

Ardha chakrasana or half wheel pose 

Shalabhasana or the locust pose

Ustrasana or camel pose

Inverted Poses

The inverted yoga asanas enhance blood flow to the heart and lungs- improving the blood circulation in the body. The improved blood circulation can also help you get a glowing skin.

Halasana or Plough Pose

Uttanpadasana or the leg-raised-pose 

Janu sirsasana or head-to-knee pose 

Shirshasana or headstand

Balancing Poses

The balancing yoga poses involves your core muscles and helps you lose weight from your entire body. These yoga poses also helps you build strength, enhance your stamina and improve your flexibility levels.

 Veerbhadrasana or the warrior pose

Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana or dolphin plank pose

Kumbhakasana or the plank pose

Ardha navasana or half boat pose 

Bakasana or crane pose 

Sukasana or the easy pose 

Svarga dvidasana or bird of paradise pose 

Naukasana or boat pose

Ekpada uttanasana or one-leg raised pose

Vyagrasana or the static tiger pose

Vajrasana or kneeling pose

Garudasana or eagle pose

 Mool Bandh

Uttanapadasana or raised legs pose

Stretching Poses

The stretching yoga poses are very effective to lose weight. The postures give you  full body workout while increasing your heart rate and toning your core muscles.

Setubandhasana or bridge pose 

Utthan prishthasana or lizard pose

 Vasisthasana or the sage pose

 Veerbhadrasana or the warrior pose

Standing Chakrasana or wheel pose

Purna matsyendra asana or the full-spinal-twist pose 

Suptavajra asana or the reclining thunderbolt-diamond pose 

Ardha Matsyendrasana or sitting half spinal twist

Dhanurasana or the bow pose

Marjaryasana or cat stretch

Vakrasana or twisted pose 

Suptavirasana or the reclined hero pose 

Vishnu asana or lying-down on sides 

Badhakonasana or butterfly pose 

Pavanmukhtasana or the wind-relieving asana

Veerasana or the hero’s pose

Lying down bhadrasana or lying down butterfly pose

Makarasana or crocodile pose 

Yastikasana or stick pose

Trikonasana or triangle pose

Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation 

Hasthapadanugushthasana or extended hand-to-big-toe pose 

 Goumukhasan or the cow head pose

Lying-down body twisting asana 


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