World Diabetes Day - Tasty diabetic-friendly recipes from India's favourite restaurants

Being diabetic does not mean giving up on delicious food. We got a few chefs to share their signature diabetic-friendly recipes.

Being diabetic does not mean giving up on delicious food.  As part of the ongoing popular Diabetic Food Trail for World Diabetes Day, for the next three weeks, celebrated chefs from across popular restaurants in the country will showcase their culinary talent and introduce nutritious, tasty and diabetic-friendly food. Some of the participating chefs and restaurants are Chef Parimal of MehulaMumbai, Executive  Chef Shatrugan of Malaka Spice Pune, Executive Chef Gaurav of Grand Hyatt Delhi, Chef Irfan Pabaney and Chef Jinnendraa of Anjappar and Executive Chef Teuku Syafrulsyah and Chef Vamsi of Park Hyatt. 

We got a few chefs to share their signature diabetic-friendly recipes:

1) Sea Bass Or Pomfret Fillet

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Chilean Seabass 1

Sea bass or Pomfret fillet   150gm

cornflour       10gm

eggs   10gm

sesame oil     5gm

cooking oil    10gm

garlic  10gm

ginger 10gm

black bean    15gm

oyster sauce  5gm

aromatic powder     5gm

white pepper 5gm

spring onion 10gm

bell pepper   10gm

Method: Cut sea bass / pomfret into mini fillet. Put in the steamer and cook for 10 minutes. Heat a wok and put all the ingredients. Season with aromatic powders, pepper, and soya and cook well. Place on top of the fish. Serve in the plate.

Nutrition per piece:

Energy : 232kcal



Protein : 18.8 gm

Recipe by Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai

2) Couscous Salad

Couscous WITH pine nuts

Couscous, steamed 100gm

Figs, cut in wedges 2no

Orange, fillets 10no.

Pomegranate, seeds 15gm

Pine Nuts, toasted 5gm

Feta, crumbled 10gm

Raisins, soaked 7gm

Apricots, soaked, cut in half 10gm

Rocket Lettuce 10gm

Fresh Red Chilli, finely chopped 3gm

Olive Oil 30ml

Lemon, juice 7ml

Salt to taste

Black Pepper, crushed 2gm

Method: In a pan boil 120ml water with salt and 10ml olive oil. Add this to the couscous and cover the container with cling wrap and leave it for 15minutes. Mix the steamed couscous with a fork to remove all the lumps and leave to cool. In a mixing bowl, add couscous, figs, orange fillets, pomegranate, feta, raisins, apricots, rocket lettuce and chilli. Make a dressing using the remaining olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and add to the salad. Mix well and check seasoning. Place it in a bowl and garnish with toasted pine nuts.

Nutrition per piece:

Calories: 226.25

Carbs: 34.1gms

Fats: 8.7gms

Proteins: 4.7gms

Recipe by The Flying Elephant Restaurant , Park Hyatt Chennai

3) Vegetable Bao

Vegetable BaoAssorted seasonal vegetables,steamedbao,wheat dough_1

For Dough

Milk    30gm

Yeast  5gm

Water 10gm

Spinach juice (for colour)     5gm

Baking Powder        5gm

Rice flour 100gm

For Stuffing Mixture

Chinese cabbage     10gm

Bokchoy       10gm

broccoli        10gm

carrot           10gm

glass noodle  10gm

corn   10gm

asparagus     10gm

cooking oil    10gm

potato starch          10gm

salt     5gm

white pepper p       5gm

sesame oil     5gm

chop garlic    10gm

chili paste     10gm

soya dark      5gm

Method for Bao Stuffing Mixture: Chop the ingredients and then toss with chopped garlic in the wok and place on the plate.

Method for Bao Dough: Mix the ingredients in a bowl and let rest till 15 mins. Then make small round shapes.

Prepare Method Of Bao: Fill the ready mixture in the round dough shapes. Place in the steamer for  5 mins.

Serve in a bamboo basket with any sauce.

Nutrition per piece:

Energy :130kcal




Recipe by Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai

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