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Workplace wellness

Our health often takes a backseat to our work. Many of us spend long hours at our desks, and our fitness goes for a toss, our eating timetable gets messed up and down the drain goes our weight loss plan. Stress and depression at work are a few of the other issues that too take a toll on our mental and physical well-being at work. So if you are looking for solutions to all you workplace problems, you are on the right page. Bookmark it and refer to it anytime during the day if you can't figure out how to tackle certain issues at work.

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Staying Fit

Apart from exercise and diet, a healthy workplace environment also adds to your fitness quotient at work. But the longer you sit at your desk, the bigger your waist line gets, and everything from your eyesight to your back goes for a toss and the problem only worsens for workaholics. Follow these hacks to leave your fitness worries behind concentrate fully on your work.

Eating Right

How many times have your missed your lunch time because of a long meeting? Eating after your usual time affects digestion and also affects your metabolism. Find out what you should and shouldn't eat while at work to avoid bloating, indigestion and also putting on weight.

Dealing With Stress

Don't your targets stress you out? You come up with plans and down they go the drain! You make a new friend at work, another one turns into a foe. You get ignored at times, get bullied, bosses pick on you. You switch off your desktop, reach home, check your email, open your laptop and start working.All these things add to our stress levelsand can also lead to depression. Here are some tips that will help you deal with stressful situations at work.

Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight while managing a nine-to-five job is a tedious task. Here are some tips that will help you lose weight while on the go.

Desk Job Issues

There's more to desk job problems than just strained eyes and back ache. Don't you ever feel the strain on your legs at the end of the day even if you been sitting all through it? And if you are typing away on your keyboard then how do we forget the strain on the wrist and other Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Office Romance

When you are spending long hours at work and interacting with a hundred people, some sparks bound to fly. Here are some tips to make your office romance work.

Help And Support

Be it a bully at work or incomprehensible targets, help and support from colleagues or the HR at work it the most important aspect of wellness at work. While we might have work-bffs to let the steam out, there could be things that you might not be able to share with him/her. Hence, it is important to know what you should do in such sticky situations.


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