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Will doing cardio sabotage my weight gain goals?

Flt. Lieutenant and fitness trainer Akshay Chopra answers this query.

Written by Akshay Chopra |Published : February 16, 2015 3:47 PM IST

I am looking to gain weight. My trainer has asked me to avoid cardio, but I really enjoy doing it and feel great after a good session on the treadmill or elliptical. I wanted to know if doing cardio will interfere with my muscle gaining regime. How much calories should I burn without sabotaging my weight gain goals?

Answered by Flt. Lieutenant and fitness trainer Akshay Chopra

Your trainer is right to an extent. Actually the word cardio is very confusing and has no base. Doesn t weight training increase your heart rate? If it doesn t then probably you have not done weight training the way it is to be done. You like to do certain types of exercises say running, cycling etc. You can surely enjoy them and should definitely do them, but to a certain limit. In fact the best way to do it would be not more than 2 days a week out of which 1 day would be high intensity workouts say sprint interval training which will target fat not muscle for energy. One odd day you can do a long distance workout. But, ultimately you have to decide what your aim is. If you want bulk up, you need to concentrate on workouts which help you in building muscle and reduce the activities which may hinder the process or induce muscle loss and vice versa. In case you are not clear with your aim you can contact me further with a detailed query and I will help you in clearing your aim and setting a program accordingly.

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Flt. Lieutenant and fitness trainer Akshay Chopra is the owner of Body Mechanics, a New Delhi based gym with modalities like battling ropes, sandbags, chains, tyres, monkey bars, agility ladders, hurdles and a lot more apart from the international cardio and strength equipments. You can check out their Facebook page.

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