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Why weight loss was a challenge for Arjun Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor?

Weight loss was tough for Bollywood celebs Arjun Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor.

Weight loss is a challenge for all, including your favourite Bollywood stars. We tell you about the common barriers against it and ways to fight them.

Written by Guneet Kaur |Updated : July 2, 2019 9:40 PM IST

Shedding your stubborn kilos is not going to be easy. The whole process is a tough test of patience and determination and it is no different for your favourite Bollywood stars who amaze you with their stunning looks. Their weight loss journey is equally challenging as yours.


In a recent post on Instagram, B-town star Arjun Kapoor shared the story of his struggle to lose weight. In many of his interviews, he has said that it took him 3 years to lose 50 kgs. The villain in Arjun's fat to fit story was his craving for burgers and junk food. At one point of time this Panipat actor could easily gulp down six burgers at one go and wasn't even able to run for 10 seconds at a stretch. That was the time when Kapoor weighed something around 140 kg.

On the other hand, Sara Ali Khan, daughter of Saif Ali Khan, who has already become the talk of the tinsel town, had a different set of challenges altogether. Her major weight loss barriers were two Ps. Yes, you read us right. Those two Ps are: Pizza addiction and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a hormonal disorder. However, Khan fought it out with patience and restraint to end up losing 30 kgs. Impressive, isn't it?

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Another Bollywood scion, Sonam Kapoor, also lost 35 kilos after she received the offer for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya. She weighed 86 kg before the movie.


Starting from hitting a plateau to uncontrolled cravings, we all come across weight loss pace breakers and hit roadblocks. The challenges, however, vary from person to person. Here, we take you through a range of obstacles you may face while working hard to shed those extra kilos plus ways to combat them.

You don't have time for workouts

Lack of time is the most common cause (or excuse, may be!) behind skipping workouts. Not exercising is surely not going to help you shed those extra kilos. Fitness takes a backseat, thanks to office work, domestic responsibilities and socialising.

Combat Plan: You need to plan your day well. Make a routine if possible and set your priorities right. This will help you to find time for exercises regularly. Try chair workouts at office and stay active through the day.

Your craving for unhealthy foods is uncontrollable

Resisting your cravings in an age when your favourite food is just a click away is challenging indeed. You might feel that having just one bite of that lip-smacking pastry or giving yourself one cheat day won't hurt. However, it does because the relaxation of rule doesn't remain an exception. Research says that junk food leads to brain changes that leads to enhanced cravings.

Combat Plan: Whenever you feel the urge for something that will only add to your kilos, just distract yourself. Walk up to your colleague and have a chit chat or listen to your favourite number. Drinking a glass or two of water will also help in quelling your cravings.

You are not disciplined

Discipline is must for a healthy life and more so, when you are targeting weight loss. Sounds clich , right? Well, some clich need to be reiterated and this is one among them. Inability to follow a routine, in terms of food and workouts, has foiled many weight-loss dreams. If you eat mindfully for 4 days of the week and let loose for the rest of the three days, your whole purpose will be defeated.

Combat Plan: Make a plan which is realistic and easy to stick to. While planning your weight loss diet with your nutritionist, make sure that it is made, keeping your palate. Also, your workout routine should be planned according to your physical stamina.

You are perpetually hungry

Frequent hunger pangs could be the result of a rage of factors including lack of sleep, choosing the wrong foods, not maintaining proper gap between meals, so on and so forth. Also, on many occasions we confuse thirst with hunger.

Combat Plan: Gulp down two glasses of water and see if your hunger is quelled. If it doesn't then go for healthy snacks like nuts, flaxseeds, etc.

Your age

Losing weight at 40? Possible. Losing weight at 50? Yes, that is also possible. All you need to do is rev up your metabolism with age-appropriate exercises and foods. This is because low metabolic rate is the most common challenge for weight loss during the late years of your life. However, there could be other health conditions playing the culprit too.

Combat Plan: Ask your nutritionist to suggest metabolism boosting foods. Also, check with your physician to rule out disorders that can impede your weight loss efforts.

Your metabolism is slow

You may have a sluggish metabolism even if you are not old. This will make it a challenge for you to burn as much calories as you need to.

Combat Plan: Research suggests that high intensity interval trainings have potential to improve your metabolism. Standing up from time to time also speeds up this physiological function.

You're suffering from certain health conditions

There are many ailments that make it tough for you to battle the bulge. Conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes and PCOD, can pose major challenges in your weight loss path. Joint pain can also make the journey difficult by making it impossible for you to work out.

Combat Plan: Your doctor needs to address the medical conditions. However, you shouldn't lose your motivation. Never give up. In case of joint pain, swimming can be your best option to lose weight.

You've hit a plateau

This is a condition where you cease to lose weight after a point of time. It occurs when your body gets used to your workout routine and diet.

Combat Plan: You need to tweak your diet and workout routine. Period. Talk to your nutritionist and fitness expert about your condition and change your plans.

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