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One gym equipment you MUST try to relax your mind and muscles

Foam rollers can help ease the muscles and release tension from the muscles after a long days work.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Updated : October 8, 2015 10:11 AM IST

Do you find yourself extremely stressed after a long day at the office and wish that someone could give you a massage? But since you cannot always visit the spa, you should consider using the foam roller at the gym. You may think that the rollers are only for athletes but whether you are an avid athlete or not, you should consider using the rollers daily. Here s why:

Helps prevent injuries

Using foam rollers can help prevent exercise-related injuries. Foam rollers massage the flare-up in the muscles that can occur if you are not stretching yourself too much or not performing the exercise correctly. The roller, therefore, prevents those areas from becoming prone to injuries. They also reduce muscle soreness after a workout by increasing the flow of blood.

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Help you de-stress

The roller gives an intense tissue massage that helps ease the muscles and release tension from the muscles. It can help you combat the bad posture blues that can occur from sitting all day at the desk.

Give a good stretch to your muscles

Foam rollers are excellent for stretching and lengthening the muscles. Certain parts of your body like your butt can be tough to stretch. The foam roller can come to good use when you want to target such parts of your body. It also stretches your hip flexors and helps reduce the tightness in muscles that occurs from sitting all day long. The constant stretching in foam rollers can make you more flexible. Here are some more stretching exercises to improve flexibility.

Here s a video that demonstrates how you can use a foam roller.

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