Why Is Staying Physically Active Not Enough For Increasing Longevity?

Why Is Staying Physically Active Not Enough For Increasing Longevity?
Why Is Staying Physically Active Not Enough For Increasing Longevity?

Exercise will have not impact on your health and longevity if you have developed other bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : December 7, 2023 7:44 PM IST

If you think spending two hours at the gym every day will help you increase your life span, you could not be more wrong. We have all been told time and again to keep our physical health fit in order to increase our longevity, performance and avoid diseases. Exercise prolongs life, say research findings. A new study claims that exercise may not have the effect on your health like you thought it would. The study conducted by experts in Finland challenges the age old logic that exercise can prolong life. It revealed that staying active is good but our life is more dependent on our eating habits, drinking habits and other lifestyle factors. Let us find out more about the research findings. Yes, exercise is good for health but the impact on longevity is more effective through the other lifestyle habits that we all must inculcate.

Link Between Longevity And Lifestyle Habits

The study was conducted at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. It observed and examined the biological age and habits of thousands of participants over the course of 45-years and then came to the conclusion that adults who are very active can have a good life span only if their diet and other lifestyle habits are as clean and consistent as their physical fitness. Experts claim that, factors like light or heavy drinking, smoking and not eating the right food impacted a persons life so much so that just relying on exercise did not help at all.

Yes, exercise can help you live longer but only when it is balance properly with a good diet, enough sleep, be more social, not experience stress or other mental health problems. In fact, being among the top workout fanatics could actually fuel biological ageing by nearly two years, results suggest.

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Why Is Exercise Not Enough To Maintain Overall Fitness?

Exercise has positive effects on your body when it is coupled with a good diet. If you are a gym goer, you know that you cannot gain muscles without eating ample proteins every day. Similarly, if you are trying to loose weight, you should know that you cannot do it without cutting down on calories, eating lots of fruits, fibre, green vegetables and all the best nutrients. You also cannot gain strength and muscles without giving your body the adequate rest that it requires. Rest helps the muscles heal and develop. If you balance both the right way, you will emerge stronger and healthier and your longevity will also increase.

Remember, it does not matter how much you exercise if you smoke or drink simultaneously. Smoking and drinking immediately brings the longevity down. Only a good and clean lifestyle can prolong life.