10 shocking food facts by Kaizzad Capadia that will change the way you eat!

Did you know baked products are not really healthy or you don't have to eat fruits to stay healthy?

Our staple diet usually consists of dal, rice, chapati and those of us who are 'health conscious' probably skip adding ghee on our rotis, gorge on fruits and when we want to indulge in our cravings, opt for the 'diet' or baked versions of our favourite snacks. What if you learnt that the so-called healthy diet you follow is not actually nutritious or that fried food may not be bad after all? Master fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia who is also the co-founder of K11 Fitness academy, reveals 10 such earth-shattering facts on diet and fitness. Also read - are you following these 10 damaging diet myths?

#1 Cheese/butter/oil are not the real culprits. People think any snack that has the term diet or fat-free on it is healthy and they are so wrong. We ve been consuming dietary fat for ages in larger quantities than what we eat today and have survived. Dietary fat is actually good for you. Here are 6 natural sources of 'good fats'.

#2 Baked products are not healthier than fried ones. Fried fish will not make you fat but you eat a fried samosa and you ll put on weight because of the carbs and sugar in it. Even if you bake it, roast it, you will still get fat as it is not the oil that s the problem, it is what you are frying that s making you fat. In this case, it is the potato that is starchy and has no fibre.

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#3 Vegetarian diet is not a complete diet. It has its own set of benefits but does not provide enough protein to your body. A glass of milk has only 1g of whey protein. If you want it through natural sources, you need to eat eggs, meat.

#4 You don t need roti and rice in your meals. Grains are making India diabetic. 60% of our diet is grains. Whether they are polished, brown, or whole, it doesn t matter. Brown rice or whole wheat is only slightly better than its white counterparts. Avoid starch in any form and your body will thank you for it. Also read these 10 other Indian diet myths.

#5 It is much better to eat processed cheese from the supermarket than eat cornflakes or wheatflakes. The word processed does not mean it is unhealthy. Cheese does not exist in nature, it is a dairy product that we ve created using a process hence the word processed is used.

#6 Fruits aren t an important part of a healthy diet. A quote that beautifully sums it up is, fruit is nature s candy. It is still sugar. The only fruits that he recommends are berries, avocados. He also advises avoiding dried fruits such as raisins, anjeer, etc.

#7 You can t eat anything you want just because you work out. In fact, the harder you exercise, the more you need to pay attention to your nutrition and diet or else all your efforts go down the drain.

#8 Protein supplements aren t bad for your body. Our Indian diet lacks protein and protein supplements or powders are a concentrated form of this macronutrient extracted from natural sources such as milk. They help in muscle building as well as boost immunity. It is quite improbable to eat 20g of protein in every meal so a supplement helps. Here are tips to select the right protein powder.

#9 Strength training does not make women masculine. In fact, there is no exercise that is gender specific. When a man and woman prepare for a marathon they run in same the manner. Similarly, when they want to improve their bone density, get stronger, prevent osteoporosis, they should strength train. Strength training is more important for women as they are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses can help prevent it. Find out if weight training is good for kids.

#10 Going to the gym from a young age will not stunt your kid s height, it is scientifically not possible as growth hormones and genes are responsible for their height. External factors such as weights cannot stop their height or make them taller than their growth potential. The only reason they are advised to avoid lifting heavy weights is because if they have any accident in the gym, they can seriously injure themselves, even break their bones. Also read - the genetic variations that determine your height.

After reading this, you are probably wondering what to eat. He recommends eating a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet. And if you are a vegetarian, do have protein supplements.

Here s a diet plan by Kaizzad:

  • Breakfast 3 whole eggs in any form you like with added spices, condiments, salt to taste
  • Lunch A green leafy vegetable such as palak or methi, 100g of any meat
  • Snack Nuts such as almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio or a cube of cheese
  • Dinner Any other veggie of your choice, a different meat than what you had for lunch

Kaizzad recommends reading these books to better understand the scientific reasoning behind the facts stated above:

  • The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz
  • Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes
  • The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Jeff S Volek and Stephen D Phinney

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