Why do you weigh less in the morning?

Read to find out what time of the day you should weigh yourself to get accurate measurements.

If you have ever stepped on the weighing scale early in the morning, you will know that you weigh a few kilos less in the morning and you have gained a lot of weight by bedtime. While the number on the weighing scale can be frustrating, did you ever wonder why you weigh lighter in the morning and heavier in the evening? Fitness expert Roshni Shah from V's Fitness, Mumbai tells you why.

The reason why you weigh a little less in the morning is because your body is dehydrated in the morning. Since two cups of water weigh around half a kilogramme, even a modest amount of water retention or dehydration can affect your weight throughout the day. In fact, drinking water before bed can keep you from getting dehydrated in the morning, so you are likely to weigh a little higher on the weighing scale. However, if you get up to use the washroom in the night, you will not retain that much water.

Another reason why you may weigh less in the morning is that you burned the calories from the food you ate at night. In fact, you may also see lower reading than normal in your weighing scale, if you have weighed yourself right before a workout. However, the low reading is not because of any changes in your body fat, but it is because you sweat a lot while working out which causes you to lose some water from your body. Here are obvious signs that you are putting on weight.

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Avoid weighing yourself after dinner as it is usually the biggest meal of the day and the weight of the food and the beverages you consumed put together can make you weigh a lot.

That being said, there is no ideal time to weigh yourself in a day. The best thing to do is to weigh yourself every day around the same time to get the accurate comparison. Also, use these trackers to find out if you have lost weight.

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