What are the best exercises to gain weight?

Avoid doing cardio exercises like running, cycling, etc. for more than 20 minutes.

What are the best exercises to gain weight and bulk up? Is it true that people looking to gain weight should just do a few compound exercises for little time, and get out?

You might want to avoid doing cardio exercises (like running, cycling, etc.) for a long time. You can do them for 10-20 minutes at moderate intensity, but not longer.

Weight gain depends more on diet, than exercise

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Bulking up depends more on eating surplus calories than just exercise alone. Some people have gained a lot of weight even when doing just bodyweight or mostly isolation and machine work due to a surplus calorie diet. That being said, in the long run diet and compound exercises must be used together for the best results, said Arnav Sarkar, strength coach and fitness trainer.

Doing few compound exercises is better than doing a lot of isolated workouts

Yes, a few compound movements (exercises which workout several muscle groups) will be much better for bulking up compared to doing tons of isolation work. In general 2-3 compound exercises followed by 2-3 isolation exercises would be enough for a good muscle building workout if the intensity is high. Keep the rep range between 5-8 for the compound movements and 8-15 for the isolation ones for best results, Sarkar added.

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