Should you strength train or do cardio first while working out? (Query)

Find out which form of exercise should you do first for weight loss.

All of us know that a good workout routine is one that combines cardio, strength training and rest days throughout the week. But this can be confusing sometimes. After, all which one should your do first? How do you go about it? Without proper guidance, you may not get the results you desire from your fitness routine. To clear your doubts, we asked fitness trainer Sagar Pednekar from Gold s Gym India about the same.

Strength training should always be done first followed by a cardio session. Here s how doing strength training first will benefit you.

Fat loss: If losing weight is your primary goal, then strength training before cardio will help increase the after burn effect. When you strength train, your resting metabolism rate increases while your body works to help your muscles recover. This can be an ideal time to hit your cardio session as you will end up burning more calories. Basically, by the time you turn to your cardio session, your body will be primed to burn more fat. Here's a strength training workout for every body type.

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Prevention of injury: You are more prone to injury when you are strength training than when you are doing cardio. So automatically, if you do cardio first, you will be tired by the time you lift weights and will thus be more prone to injury. It is always important to ensure that you perform the exercises correctly. Your poor form can get you injured and set your workout goals off track. It is therefore wise to carry out those kettlebell swings, push-ups and lunges when your muscles are fresh. Avoid these exercises when you have a knee injury.

Also, note that even you feel unaffected and as energised after your cardio session, remember that your energy stores were depleted because your body was put through motions. You may not notice, but the fatigue from cardio will have an impact on your form and focus.

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