Weight train in water to build stronger and leaner muscles

By Tania Tarafdar | Published:Mon, July 24, 2017 5:09pm

You will look leaner than ever with this workout.

Many gyms are introducing weight training and HIIT in the pool. Here s why you should do strength training workout in water , according to fitness expert Sagar Pednekar, Gold s Gym, India.

Why should you weight train in water?

You build lean muscles: When you push or pull hard through water you experience more resistance which in turn helps you build stronger and leaner muscles.

You can perform complicated moves quickly: In fact, you will be able to do a few strength training moves like the pistol squat better in water. The density of water slows you down, helps you emphasise on your motion and position and helps you move through difficult movements.

You don't hurt your joints: In water, there is less gravity to weigh your body down which means that the weight will not impact your joints.

You will have quick muscle recovery: Plus, water will also boost your circulation and help your muscles recover faster. So strength training in the water will help you work harder and do high-intensity exercises for several days in a row.

How to weight train in water?

To maximise your arm strength, you can use weights in water and work your biceps by bending and straightening your elbows. You can also try doing pushups against the pool wall and shoulder raises in front and out to the side. These are the 5 best strength training exercises for weight loss.

How much weight should you carry in water?

Water weights are different from the traditional dumbbells. They are made of Styrofoam or any other material that absorb water and weigh very less when dry. The size of water weight you choose can determine the difficulty level of lifting the weights. The larger the surface of the weight the more water you will need to displace it.

Tip: Before you try lifting weights in water, make sure that you consult a professional. You can attend water aerobics classes to understand better how to use weights in water. Did you try aqua Zumba?

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Published:Mon, July 24, 2017 5:09pm


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