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Super effective tips that will help you lose weight during COVID-19 lockdown

Just because you can’t go to the gym does not mean that you cannot exercise. Your home can become your gym. @Shutterstock

It is true that if you are at home all the time, it is very easy to forget all about your weigh loss goals. But with a few innovations and determination you can easily come out looking stunning.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Published : April 14, 2020 5:00 PM IST

Being cooped up inside the house indefinitely is a problem. It can make you depressed. Your grooming and weight loss rituals too may go flying out the window during this extended isolation period. Because there are no deadlines to meet and life has slowed down dramatically, you may also be cutting yourself some slack. Gaining a few kilos in this situation can be a given if you are not too careful about it. Now that the lockdown has been extended till May 3, you need to take stock of the situation and figure out a realistic way to keep fit, both mentally and physically. This is not a difficult task at all. And, besides, think of all the envious looks that you will attack once you come out of lockdown. So, follow a few basic rules and aim to fit into that pair of jeans that you have hidden at the back of your closet. The compliments that come your way at the end of all this will definitely be worth it.

Plan a healthy diet always

It is true that if you are at home all the time, it is very easy to reach for that unhealthy snack, which you would otherwise never look at. So make sure that you don't stock up on salty and processed foods. Home cooked food is the best if you want to lose any weight. And, now, you don't even have the option of going out for dinner or the occasional drink and snacks. Look at this as a boon and cook up some fantastic and healthy meals for yourself and your family. You have all the time in the world no to concentrate on yourself. Thankfully, grocery shops are open, and you can also ask for home deliveries of fresh products. Have a lot of sprouts, soups and salads instead of fried snacks. A handful of nuts can also satisfy mid-meal cravings. If you can manage it, order a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and store it. Go easy on oil and salt while cooking and enjoy your time at home while slimming down.

Maintain meal timing

This is very important. One disadvantage of being at home all the time is eating at odd hours. This can be bad for your weight loss. More often than not, you will end up eating more than you normally do because you may be too hungry when you do eat. Your body may also start storing food as fat because it may not be too sure when it will get its next meal. All this is bad for weight loss. Moreover, regular food intake will keep your metabolism working hard. So eat a hearty breakfast, a moderate lunch and a very modest dinner. Be sure to have dinner early as this will help in digestion.

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Just because you can't go to the gym does not mean that you cannot exercise. Your home can become your gym. You can easily do cardio and strength training at home. Yoga is also another option. Moreover, there will be plenty of household chores that will help you lose weight. So, make the most of these days and do everything yourself. There is no better exercise. You will be surprised at the amount of weight you lose by the end of it. It will also help you feel happy and good about yourself.

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