Garlic and honey for weight loss: It really works

The best time to have this is on the morning on an empty stomach. Just take a clove, and eat it after crushing it. @Shutterstock

The nutrients in garlic makes it a superb weight loss food. If you add this to honey, it becomes even more potent. Read on to know more.

Garlic is one condiment that comes with a lot of health benefits. It is a common ingredient in most Indian kitchens and is used in almost all dishes. Regular intake can boost immunity, which is so essential in current times thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can relax your blood vessels and ensure that there is smooth flow of blood through your arteries. This brings down your risk of heart disease. It also helps you fight inflammation. But did you know that garlic can also help you lose a lot of weight in a short span of time? It's true. Garlic has amazing weight loss properties. It is loaded with many vitamins like B6 and C, fibre, manganese, calcium to name a few. This makes it a super food that can help you get rid of excess fat, especially belly fat, in no time.

Garlic for weight loss

If you are on a weight loss journey, you must have realized that it is not easy. Sometimes, despite trying everything from strenuous exercise to reducing your food intake drastically, you may still not be able to lose the required amount of weight. But if you know some simple secrets, you will be successful. Having raw garlic is one such well-kept weight loss secret. There are other secrets like drinking warm water in the morning before meals, having lemon and honey water early in the morning and so on that are equally effective. But here, our focus is on garlic. And, it becomes an even more potent weight loss food if you steep it in honey.

Benefits of raw garlic and honey

If you have a pod or two of raw garlic on an empty stomach, it will boost digestion and also detoxify your body. Moreover, you will also see an improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. You will enjoy better immunity, experience less cold and flu and also lose weight. But when you add it to honey, it becomes a potent tonic that detoxifies you fully. Garlic helps you lose weight by improving your digestion and boosting metabolism. Honey curbs hunger pangs. It is fat and cholesterol free and yet keeps you energized through the day.

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How to make this potent weight loss tonic

Take a glass jay and fill half of it with pure and preferably organic honey. Peel some garlic and add the whole cloves to the jar of honey. The garlic must be fully submerged in honey. Put the jar away for a few days to a month. This will allow the nutrients of garlic and honey to merge.

How to have it

The best time to have this is on the morning on an empty stomach. Just take a clove, and eat it after crushing it. Have this daily for a month and see the difference.

A word of caution

This is a healthy tonic that anybody can have. But if you suffer from asthma, consult your doctor before you start having this. Garlic is not good for asthmatic people. You must also avoid it before surgeries or medical procedures. Be careful not to overdo it. Just 2-3 cloves a day is enough.

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