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7 weight loss myths you need to stop believing ASAP

There are many misconceptions about weight loss that people believe. Here are 7 of those myths busted to help those trying to lose weight.

There are many misconceptions about weight loss that people believe. Here are 7 of those myths busted to help those trying to lose weight.

Written by Arushi Bidhuri |Updated : December 30, 2020 9:19 AM IST

Are you on a pursuit to lose weight? Obesity is a common problem affecting millions of people across the globe. While your chubby cheeks might not make it look dangerous, but obesity can be detrimental to your health. It can lead to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol levels and more. So, it is definitely a good idea to get rid of the extra kilos. But weight loss isn't that easy.

Weight loss might feel like a daunting process that requires a lot of efforts, but it is also about making smart choices. Another thing to keep in mind is not to believe everything you read about weight loss. So, here are some myths associated with weight loss that you should stop believing now.

You Can Target One Spot At A Time

Want to get rid of flabby arms? Are you really concerned about the weight on your thighs? You can't target one specific area without focusing on your whole body. The right way to lose weight is by eating right and doing exercise. A healthy diet will help you keep fit, and exercise will tone your muscles, which will help you achieve the desired results.

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Cut All Calories

Everything in your system has its own purpose, and so does calories. When you deprive your body of all the calories and macronutrients, it will do more harm than good to your body. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and can leave different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate your body weight. So, not all calories are created equal, so you don't need to give up on everything.

Avoid Carbs If You Want To Slim Down

Yes, eating a low-carb diet is healthy for you and effective for weight loss. But that doesn't mean that you need to avoid carbs. As long as you limit your carb intake and up your protein intake, you will be able to lose weight effectively.

You Must Steer Clear Of Fats

Just like calories, not all fats are bad. Giving up dietary fats might seem like a good idea, but it's not. Healthy fats are good for your brain, skin, satiety and weight loss. Foods like nuts, nut butter, seeds, avocados and fatty fish contain fats, but these foods make you feel less hungry and help you lose weight.

Its Okay To Use Weight Loss Supplements

People have resorted to weight loss pills and supplements in an attempt to lose weight as fast as they can. Diet pills can actually be extremely harmful to your health. Plus, these supplements don't even show good results. If you still want to go for it, you must consult a professional and seek advice.

Eat Less, Exercise More

Several studies have shown that there needs to be a balance when it comes to weight loss. Burning more calories is important to lose fat so you might automatically conclude that you should eat less and move more. The changes you make on your weight loss journey are permanent, so you must be more mindful about your choices. Eating less and moving more is ineffective advice that might not work in the long run. There has to be balance.

Weight Loss Is All About Willpower

While you need to be to very strong to continue on this tiring but fruitful journey. What you need to keep in mind is that obesity is a complex disorder and many factors play a pivotal role here. Genetics, biological and environmental factors may also affect body weight.

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