Top 6 cardio workouts that work wonders

Everybody wants to look their best and feel fitter. Isn't it? Battling the bulge is important not only for looking good but also to be healthier. Here are 6 top workouts that you must try to get that slim body.

Cardio workouts are very common among people who want to reduce body fat buildup. This way of losing stomach fat is healthier and effective too. Cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate, rev up your metabolism and engage large muscles group in your body to burn off stubborn fat. All in all, they are incredibly healthy. Try these 6 best cardio exercises:

  1. Running: We absolutely love running as a form of exercise. It is loaded with health benefits. Here are some of its benefits-

    -helps to build stronger bones.

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    -Strengthens muscles.

    -good for heart.

    -Helps in maintaining healthy weight.

    -Boosts Confidence.

    -Relieves stress. It is good for your mental well-being too!

    -Good for overall health. Studies prove that women who run are less prone to breast cancer. Moreover, patients in early stage of diabetes or osteoporosis are recommended to run for at least few minutes in a day!

  2. Cycling: When combined with a healthy eating plan, cycling can give you magical results. It helps in increasing your metabolic rate, muscle building and hence, burns body fat.
  3. Zumba: We absolutely love this one too. Zumba is fun to do and extremely effective for weight loss. Dhwani Vira, Zumba professional says, "It's the kind where every exercise is perfectly synced to the music. The Intensity of the class increases gradually pushing the body to its ultimate limit. And it is amazing to see what the body can actually achieve over a period of time."
  4. Jogging: Jogging is a form of running and by itself cannot be called as running. Jogging involves more muscle activity than walking and can be done by everyone, whereas running takes much more effort than jogging. The speed in jogging is much lesser than running. Jogging helps the body to burn calories and therefore is recommended for weight loss.
  5. Kick-boxing: Various studies prove that kickboxing burns about 800 calories per hour which means you are going to tone your entire body by amping up your metabolism. This is a high-power cardio routine which works excellently for weight loss.
  6. Belly dancing: This super hot dance form can actually help you to battle the bulge. Yes, the gyrating moves in belly dance can provide a good cardio workout, helping you tone your entire body. This workout increases your stamina, tones your muscles and helps you burn more calories. You can burn up to 400 calories in an hour of belly dancing.

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