Weight Loss Tip #94 – Have fruits instead of fruit juice

Make this simple switch and reduce your calorie intake.

Do you have a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice every morning? It s time to give it up and eat a whole fruit instead. This simple swap will reduce your overall calorie and sugar intake. This is because a glass of fruit juice has more than one fruit, which means you have that much more sugar (even if it is natural). And if you opt for packaged juices, you are not doing your body any good.

Fruits, on the other hand, have fibre and minerals and are not processed. Eating them this way will retain their nutrients and make you feel satiated faster due to the chewing action and time taken to eat it. Also, fruits take longer to get digested and will not release a spurt of energy at one go that can cause an imbalance in your blood sugar levels. Read - Are fruit juices as bad as colas?

Several researchers and nutritionists are also of the opinion that fruits are better than fruit juices. When you are on a weight loss diet, everything you put in your system counts and making this swap will definitely benefit you in achieving your goal faster. Still don't believe us? Here's something for you.

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  • Calories in an orange - 62.9
  • Calories in a glass of orange juice - 110

So make the switch from today itself and lose weight faster.

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