Weight Loss Tip #180: Eat soluble fibre to lose belly fat

Weight Loss Tip #180: Eat soluble fibre to lose belly fat

Up the intake of avocados, brussel sprouts, blackberries and flaxseeds in the diet. Here's why!

Written by Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti |Published : September 7, 2017 12:04 PM IST

If you think loading up on fibre can help you lose weight, then you are right. The correct type of fibre in your diet can also help you lose belly fat. Yes, you heard it right! Fibre can help you cut down the fat from the belly region but the key is to choose the right one. Here s how you can lose weight, reduce belly fat in 20 ways, in 20 days.

Every person is different and so is the weight, which is distributed differently based on the genetics and body composition. For some people, excess weight shows up in the butt region, for others thighs and arms are vulnerable to even a slight increase in the fat intake. While numerous studies have proven that targetted weight loss is not possible, if you manage to lose fat in a healthy and consistent manner, you can lose belly fat as well, regardless of your genetic makeup. And one such way to lose weight from the abdominal region is to eat soluble fibre. Read: 5 real women share how they finally lost their belly fat.

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According to a recent study [1], it was showed that eating soluble fibre regularly aids in weight loss because you tend to feel fuller. Furthermore, it also makes you less inclined to reach out for sugary foods or snack on junk food during the evening snack hour. The five-year-long study reported that 1000 adults showed a decrease of 3.7% in the belly fat for each 10-gram increase of soluble fibre in their diet. Moreover, soluble fibre also absorbs water in the body forming a gel and hence, aid in digestion. Hence, if you want to lose belly fat, include foods rich in soluble fibre such as avocados, Brussel sprouts, blackberries and flaxseeds in the diet.

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