Weight loss tip #175 – Don't force yourself to finish what’s on your plate

Don't resort to overeating just because you cannot waste food.

What do you do with the extra food on your plate when you are full? Do you end up overeating just so that you can wipe the plate clean? Most of us are also in a habit of filling our plates with huge portions to avoid getting up for the next helping. How many times has your mother requested you to take that one extra roti or a helping of rice and curry just so that there are no leftovers? What most of us don t realise is that these small habits are the reasons behind our weight gain.

Your brain takes time to register that you are full. If you eat too fast, you end up eating larger portions of food compared to when you are eating slow. This is why, chewing your food slowly and taking time to finish your meals is a good tip for losing weight. If you want to eat the right quantity of food, the best way is to stop eating when you think you are 80 percent full. Your stomach will thank you for stopping right there.

The issue with people who suffer from the finish what s on your plate syndrome is that they always end up overeating except those who exercise portion control and take very small helpings. Next time you are urged to finish your plate at the cost of overeating, stop right there. Those few morsels of food are not as important as your health and you can t let your efforts go down the drain for it. Just because you cannot trash it, you must not start storing it as extra calories or fat in your body. Your body is not a dump yard for that extra food. Read: 10 tricks to help you eat less.

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Food wastage must not be encouraged. But obviously, once you have to let go of the extra food on your plate a couple of times, you ll learn to take small helpings and follow the portion control rule. So do not overeat for any reason. Eat in small plates, take small portions, and don t try to finish everything on your plate if you are full, so you don t waste food and your efforts at the gym to lose weight.

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