Weight Loss Tip #171 – Visualise your goals

Think of the sexy body you'll achieve after weightloss and stay motivated

You always wanted to get fit and in shape. How many times have you envied girls or guys who carry off the latest trends in clothing so perfectly because of their bodies? While you have started working on losing weight or getting back in shape, you just need to stay motivated. It s never going to give you overnight results. It s your perseverance and dedication that will help you accomplish the fitness goals.

Here s a trick you can try visualise your goals at all times. If you were lean and in shape a few years back, take the best picture you have and get it printed to be put on the wall or use it as a screensaver on your gadgets. You can also take pictures in your underwear for motivation. Keep reminding yourself what you are aiming for. If you have always wanted abs or a butt or legs like a certain celebrity, visualise how you ll look when you get that shape and the way you ll make heads turn. Here s how you can get abs or a butt like your favourite celebrities.

Imagine yourself walking in a bikini on the beaches flaunting your washboard abs. You could have any kind of goals. You may have dreamt of running the marathon someday. While you train for it, visualise how exciting it will be when you are actually participating in it. Try these expert diet and running tips when you are training for marathon.

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When it comes to eating healthy, imagine or visualize the glow on your skin that all the fresh fruits and vegetables will contribute to, besides the weight loss. Make short-term goals that are achievable and keep visualising them when you are working out and eating right. It will surely get you pumped up to try a little harder to make the visual, a reality very soon. You can also try these expert tips to stick to your goals without giving up.

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