Weight loss tip #155 – Get a good gym trainer

My trainer has motivated me to push harder. Do you have a good trainer at your gym?

Not everyone is self-motivated and I fall in this category when it comes to exercise. I really need to be pushed to go to the gym or for a run. You know you need to lose weight and you sleep with with thought of hitting the gym first thing in the morning but that rarely happens.

In some cases, you go to the gym and then walk on use the treadmill or elliptical trainer or cycle at a slow pace, perform 5 crunches and think you ve done it all. Well, it is obviously better than not doing anything but is it sufficient? I found myself in the same situation until a month back. That s when this super encouraging and motivating factor came in the gym trainer.

If anyone wants to lose weight and is not completely self-motivated, your gym trainer can play a big role in keeping you on track. You don t need to spend a big amount on a personal trainer.

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All you need to do is choose a gym that has a good trainer who pays attention to your requirements, your problem areas and guides you accordingly. He questions you the day you don t improve or put in those extra 5 minutes, or perform those 5 extra push-ups you were supposed to. When you are answerable to someone, you automatically want to perform. You can also follow this expert recommended gym exercise plan to lose 3kg in one month.

I had never run on the treadmill or on the track in my life. I had some weird assumption that I d faint. But with just a little push from the instructor, I started clocking 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. A good instructor will take pride in helping you lose weight or achieve the fitness levels you desire and just like a teacher at school , he will chalk out a plan so that you succeed. Here s how right diet can help you lose weight.

So if you feel you are lacking motivation, go find a gym or fitness centre that has a good trainer. You can also follow these weight loss tips.

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