Weight Loss Tip #118 – Laugh your way to a slimmer self!

Laughing 15 minutes a day is all that you need to lose weight!

When you think of burning calories, if all you can think about is sweating it out in a gym, think again. Slowly weight gradually doesn t have to be so grueling or tedious. In fact, it can be fun! Scientists have found that you can burn nearly 40 calories by laughing just for 10-15 minutes [1]. Yes, believe it or not, but you can easily burn almost 80 calories if you are genuinely able to laugh for half an hour. This is why laughter is still the best medicine!

As a matter of fact, your favourite packet of chips or a chocolate bar is 100 calories! A study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2005 revealed that genuine laughter also causes a 10-20% increase in your heart rate and energy expenditure. If you want to burn a few calories with the help of laughter, join your local laughter club and make it a point to go for it every morning.

You could also watch sitcoms or a YouTube channel of your favourite comedian for a great laughter session. Other than this, try out laughter yoga sessions to stay fit. However, avoid eating any kind of snacks while watching a sitcom or any funny videos on YouTube. By munching on chips or some sweets, it will only prove to be counter-productive.

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To curb your cravings, also avoid binge watching sitcoms and restrict it to half an hour so you can laugh away those calories. Since while laughing, you use 15 facial muscles, it could also help in giving your face a workout and improving your overall mood. These are the 6 reasons why laughter is good for health.

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Reference [1] Buchowski M, Majchrzak K, Blomquist K, Chen K, Byrne D, Bachorowski J-A. Energy expenditure of genuine laughter. International journal of obesity (2005). 2007;31(1):131-137. doi:10.1038/sj.ijo.0803353.

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