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Weight loss tip #114 – Maintain a daily budget for your food expenses

Having a tough time saying no to junk food? Try setting a budget for your daily food expenses to cut down on junk food and lose weight!

Written by Anuradha Varanasi |Updated : February 3, 2016 11:11 AM IST

One of the biggest challenges of trying to lose weight is maintaining a healthy diet. The temptation of fried foods and other high-calories food items can make it virtually impossible for many people to knock off those extra kilos despite exercising regularly. However, there is a way to easily fight off those temptations and stay on track with your diet plan. Simply set a budget for every single day. This trick has helped me in cutting down my junkfood consumption. If you travel to work by public transport everyday, you can limit your daily expenses drastically. By doing so, you won t have enough money to splurge on your favourite chocolate bars or packet of chips. These are the 10 horrible things junkfood does to your body.

Also, since you are constantly thinking of ways for not exceeding your budget for the day, by the end of your shift you won t have enough money to eat outside. It could be your favourite restaurant or even picking up samosas and a vada pav before catching your train that was making it difficult for you to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. By keeping a tight budget, you won t even be able to spend even Rs 10 more for your daily fix of salty foods. This way, you will turn to more home-cooked food and once you notice how much money you re saving on a weekly basis, it will also encourage you to pack healthy snacks from home to keep you going throughout the day. Remember that by keeping a daily budget, you need not starve yourself throughout the day.

Carry just enough cash to buy yourself breakfast, lunch and a light snack in the evening if you didn t get the time to cook or pack some food in your tiffin box before leaving. If you end up starving yourself, there s a high likelihood of you going back to your junkfood binge-eating habits within a day or not. With some planning and organising, you will see the results of your budgeting within two weeks because your jeans will feel less tight after you slowly stop eating out as often as you used to. This could mean turning down offers of certain social events, but your body and your wallet will definitely thank you for your decision! Here's why eating veggies isn't effective unless you avoid junk food.

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However, remember not to stretch yourself too thin with your daily budget. For emergency purposes, carry a Rs 1000 note or your debit card with you just to be on the safer side. You will be less tempted to use a Rs 1000 note under normal circumstances since getting change could be a challenge.

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