Weight Loss Tip #108 - Do what Karisma Kapoor does when she craves junk food

Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor gives you a cheat code on how you can enjoy fries and tikkis without frying it in oil.

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After working hard all week to shed your weight and stay fit, it is obvious that you want to stay away from oily, deep fried food. But, sometimes you would want to cheat and indulge in some sinful fries. Is it really okay to indulge in fried food after slogging for weeks to get back in shape?

Yes, you can enjoy fries and fritters, says bollywood actress and mother of two, Karisma Kapoor, who also endorses frozen food products like McCain and other brands. However, she suggests that instead of deep frying your favourite fries and other frozen foods, you should bake, grill or air-fry it. This way, you stay fit and maintain your weight while indulging in these foods once in a while.

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Baking is always a healthier option than frying frozen food in oil. Deep-fried food can cause cancer[1], heart diseases[2], and have a lot of calories which can lead to obesity[3] and diabetes. Air-frying is another new trend that lets you have your frozen foods without actually frying it. In an air fryer, the appliance produces hot air and the food is heated by the circulating hot air. This way, you consume less than 80% of fat that you would have if you had used oil to deep-fry it. You can also experiment with it. Try adding some healthy dips or sauces. Just make sure that you don't add any garnishing that adds to the calorie count or contains a lot of sugar or salt in it.

And that's how you can eat your favourite foods -- in moderation, of course! Here are 10 horrible things junk food does to your body.

Did you know even a baked vada pav is junk food?.

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