Weight loss of 22 kgs! My obsession with losing weight quickly made me commit these 9 dangerous mistakes

Naomi wanted instant weight loss. But in her quest to lose weight quickly she committed some life-threatening mistakes.

When Mumbai-based Naomi Nathan was 19, all she wanted was to get thin like her friends. Her heavy frame caused her a lot of stress. At 5 , she weighed 68kgs. Like most teenagers, Naomi had developed an inferiority complex about her weight, posture and her looks. Tired of taunts about her weight by her family and friends, Naomi wanted instant weight loss. She was so obsessed with losing weight quickly that she immediately started sweating out in the gym and drastically changed her diet. Little did she know that her quest to lose weight quickly would make her commit life-threatening mistakes. Within 1.5 years, Naomi lost 22 kgs! Obviously, Naomi faced the consequences of such rapid weight loss. Today, Naomi weighs a healthy 55 kgs, is regular with her workouts and eats wholesome meals throughout the day. But she is still recovering from these weight loss mistakes she wishes she hadn t done. Here are some of those:

1) I thought losing weight was all about working out as much as possible. So I went overboard with my gymming. I would run for about 1.5 hours every day and spend hours in the gym. My weight had come down to 45 kgs then but what I had actually lost was muscle. I wouldn t even let my body recover from the heavy-duty training I was doing. What s worse was that I wouldn t perform any of the exercises properly, in the correct form. As a result, I developed several aches and pains throughout my body.

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2) I massively cut down on food. I reduced the quantity by more than half. I gave up oily and fried foods completely and even non-vegetarian food. I thought becoming a vegetarian would help me lose weight quickly. So I gave up on everything nutritious including chicken, eggs and fish. I was deficient in protein (essential for muscle building) after my heavy workouts. (Read: Here is how to increase protein in Indian food.)

[caption id="attachment_537066" align="alignnone" width="300"]Naomi at 45 kgsNaomi at 45 kgs[/caption]

3) I loaded up on tofu and soy in order to meet my protein requirement. I started experiencing massive hormonal issues including irregular periods. My doctor warned me against eating soy and soy products. (Read: How soy can cause kidney stones, hamper men s sexual health and adversely affect thyroid function.

4) I gave up ghee because I thought it was bad for health because it was fattening. In reality, ghee is beneficial for intestinal bacteria, it promotes the health of digestive tract, prevents constipation and helps weight loss. (Read:Ghee derived from grass-fed cows contains conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), which helps in weight loss.

5) I used to look for quick weight loss tips on social media. Apple cider vinegar has been touted as a miracle weight loss remedy. But when I had apple cider vinegar I did not see any difference. In fact, my doctor asked me to stop having apple cider vinegar regularly because it was interfering with my already present hormonal issues.

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6) I strictly avoided coconut oil because I thought it would make me fat. The fact is that coconut oil has many health benefits- it aids weight loss, digestion and heart health, boosts immunity and maintains blood pressure.

7) I would run for long stretches on anempty stomach because I thought I would lose more weight. With no food in my body, I would have very less energy and hence would get exhausted more quickly. This would make me feel tired all day and also hamper my overall productivity. Exercising on an empty stomach is a bad idea.

8) Another social media craze I decided to follow was that of drinking several cups of green tea to lose weight. But this did not help me. I felt like the green tea only reduced my water weight. Nothing else. This is what happens when you have too much green tea.

9) My weight fluctuation, improper diet, hormonal issues and haphazard exercising also made me fall sick often because my immunity had hit an all-time low. When I would fall sick, I would skip workouts and then again gain weight. This became a vicious circle.

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Image source: Naomi Nathan

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