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10 tips for new mothers to lose weight after pregnancy

Try these tips, mommies. They will surely help.

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : July 12, 2018 1:24 PM IST

Weight loss postpartum is more about being consistent and persistent with the right kind of diet choices and workouts rather than bringing in any drastic changes overnight to shed the fat. But most often mothers become too lazy and complacent to be on dot with diet and exercise after the baby arrives. In fact, when the news of yummy mummy Kareena Kapoor's weight loss story came to light and we learnt that she spent around 4 hours in the gym to get her pre-mommy body back, most mothers who find difficult to lose weight postpartum whined. 'If we had so much time to spend at the gym we would also have a perfect body like the divas,' was their collective cry. Here is why it is difficult for mothers to lose weight after pregnancy.

But wait mommies, get this straight it is not the hours you spend at the gym that make the difference but the little changes that you bring in your life that helps you to win the war against the lard. Here are five exercises you can do with your baby at home to lose weight.

Here we bring you a list of things you should do in order to lose weight postpartum. Remember it is the small things that make the difference.

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Here goes your to-do list to follow for postpartum weight loss

1. Don't binge eat: This is our biggest bane. Binge eating helped no one lose weight till date and if you resort to this habit out of sheer boredom or if you are hungry like crazy, remember binging would mean betraying yourself of nutrition and giving the fat more fodder to grow. So stop binging at all costs. And if you should, replace the pack of chips with some handful of dried fruits. Choose healthy foods to improve your metabolism.

2. Avoid high-fat foods: In our Indian settings, all the love that is poured on a new mother comes in form of foods garnish with dollops of ghee or are rich in other kinds of fats. Now, we aren't saying fat is bad. But remember with little or lack of exercise, coupled with a sluggish metabolism, even the good fats are going to do you more harm than good. So, learn the art of potion control. You cannot banish fat from your diet as you will need them for strength, internal healing and breast milk production.

3. Don't oversleep: This is easier said than done but still try. As a new mother, you will be spending more time changing the diapers at night and attending to your baby's feeding demands, rather than sleeping. This erratic sleep schedule makes your body more lethargic and yearns for more sleep. The more you sleep, the more it gets difficult to nudge the stubborn fat. So stick to your sleep schedule and try to make your baby follow one too. We know it is difficult but try.

4. Eat at the right time: Skipping meals for new mums isn't a new practice and this is what messes up metabolism and hampers smooth weight loss. Even if you have to nurse your baby during your meal time, eat as soon as you can. Don't go hungry for too long as it will make you binge eat more to satiate your hunger. Here are 10 superfoods that every mother should eat postpartum.

5. Choose snacks wisely: One tip: never hit a supermarket when you are hungry. This will psychologically encourage you to fill your cart with munchies that are high in salt, sugar and trans fat - chips, cookies, savouries. They are going to be of less or no nutritional value and do nothing to help you lose weight. Instead, store sensible snacking items at home - a crate of fruit, dried fruits, puffed rice so when you snack you are snacking healthy and not piling up calories.

6. Drink lots of water: Sometimes dehydration make us hungry and binge so make sure you don't miss out on your 8 glasses throughout the day. If you forget to keep sipping water often, one way to do it is to keep sipping a glass of water while you are nursing your baby.

7. Get moving: Yes, no matter how dedicatedly you follow your diet and practice clean eating if you don't sweat it out you will not be able to shed those extra kilos. So, once your doctor gives you a go ahead try to engage in some physical activities. Here is an inspiring story of a mother of two who shed 33 kilos to become a gym trainer.

8. Keep a tab on natural sugars: Even though it is a healthy option to snack on fruits don't go overboard, especially if you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes or are prediabetic. Even natural sugars, when had in excess, can add unnecessary calories and slower weight loss.

9. Use a maternity belt: Not many doctors propose this so have a chat with your doctor before you invest in a maternity belt. The belt helps to shrink the uterus and help you get a flat belly. It doesn't help in weight loss but can contour your sagging abdomen. Reality check: Your abdomen never comes back to your pre-pregnancy days, though. Women who have had a c-section are asked to avoid maternity belts for the fear of developing a hernia.

10. Try yoga: Postnatal yoga has a lot of benefits. It helps to keep the mind calm and fight postpartum depression. In a way yoga also helps to keep the mind focused on achieving the small goals that can help in weight loss. It also imparts strength, stamina, agility and shed the extra kilos too.

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