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10 ways to hide your protruded nipples!

Every girl has to face this problem, so here are ways to deal with it.

Written by Debjani Arora |Updated : November 6, 2017 11:13 AM IST

Girl, we all have to face this embarrassing situation one time or the other in the meeting room, at the cafeteria, at home amidst the guests and many such places, your nipples might just keep pushing out of your tee or the tank top putting you in an awkward situation. It draws unnecessary stares and attention. Here are tips to cover it up and hide it so your nipples.

  1. Use a shawl or a scarf: If you are in an office where the AC makes you feel like you are sitting in a snow-clad area, a nipple erection is inevitable. A shawl or a scarf is the best thing that can come to your rescue in such situations. Here are five ways to heal cracked nipples due to breastfeeding.
  2. Wear a padded bra: This will help you the most. The plus side is you don t have to worry if your little girlies are trying to pop out of your satin shirt in the middle of a presentation as you are already guarded.
  3. Use cotton balls: This is my personal favourite, just pick two cotton balls spread them evenly over your nipples and wear your bra.
  4. Use a jacket: What more can you do best to hide those erect nipples. Wearing a jacket or a shrug saves you from this mess and adds a zing to your outfit. You end up making a fashion statement in the bargain. Here are 10 things you should never do to your breasts.
  5. Wear dark or multicolour tops: If you have a tendency to get nipple erection at the slightest change of temperature or even otherwise, it is best to opt for multicolour tops with large prints. Single coloured tops draw your attention towards the breast and even the slightest changes are visible immediately. Multicoloured and prints divert attention from your breasts. Similarly, light and pastel coloured clothes also have the similar drawback so prefer dark coloured clothes.
  6. Use nipple shield: You get them easily in the markets and investing in a good pair and using them will save you embarrassments big time.
  7. Keep your hair open: This trick was shared by one of my colleagues. When the office AC gets too much to bear and nipple erection is something you can t avoid, let your hair open. Brush it and let them fall over your shoulder on your chest. Do you need anything else to hide them? This is one advantage of having long hair that you can t deny. Here are five worst things that can happen to your breasts that you should know.
  8. Give them some warmth: Go to the restroom and give your breasts a massage. Massage your nipples in a circular motion to give them some warmth which helps the erection to settle.
  9. Use band-aids: If you need an immediate fix, turn to band-aids. Not just cuts and scratches they also come to rescue for a nipple erection emergency.
  10. Opt for cotton bras: The Lycra or satin bras make your nipple protrude out as they stick to your body so opt for the cotton bras which help to conceal the embarrassment for long.

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