Want Stronger Legs? Here Are 5 Excellent Exercises For Women For Rock Hard Muscles

Want Stronger Legs? Here Are 5 Excellent Exercises For Women For Rock Hard Muscles
Want Stronger Legs? Here Are 5 Excellent Exercises For Women

After a certain age, women start losing bone density and muscle mass, this is why it is especially important for them to work on their legs.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : September 28, 2023 8:01 PM IST

Women start to lose their bone density as they age. They are at a much higher risk of developing diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Your legs support and carry your entire body and this is bound to take a toll on its health. If you do not start working on the muscle and bone strength at the right time, it will only get worse as you age.

Here are 5 excellent exercises that will help you build your leg strength fast:

Leg Curl

When you work on leg exercises you should target each and every muscle in it. This particular exercise targets your back thigh muscles. The main roles of these muscles are to avoid injuries. The more you perform this workout, the more your glutes and hamstrings will become stronger. Stronger hamstrings and glutes mean that you will be much less prone to injuries.

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Nordic Hamstring Curl

Nordic hamstring curls target the hamstring muscles and the lower part of the leg. This may be a difficult exercise at first but if you are looking to feel the burn, this is the right workout for you. It will not only boost your hamstring and loser leg, it will eventually strengthen your entire leg.

Hip Thrust Exercise

The main function of our gluteal muscles are to aid in smooth mobility, keep the pelvic region and upper body stabilised and extend the hip. This particular exercise specifically targets the gluteal muscles of our body. It works on increasing the speed, power, strength and the optimal hip extension.

Romanian And Stiff-legged Deadlifts

Our hamstring muscle plays multiple roles in supporting our leg strength. This exercise targets in increasing the power of these muscles. Moreover, this exercise is excellent for people with back issues. It helps relieve back ache and back pain and strengthens the area.


Kettlebell exercise is not typically an exercise for legs strength. It mostly focuses on toning the legs. this workout targets the thighs, glutes and calf muscles. This exercise can also work wonders on giving you a toned buttock.